The Art of Logic

By definition, Logic is the systematic and correct procedure of thinking. “Logy” denotes methods for acquiring knowledge on each and every discipline of art, science, music, marketing, and politics. Logic is more related to science because it well signifies the rules and principles for its applications in general life. As Francis Bacon revealed that the subject could be useful only if it’s applicable. Logic is a art because without logic it is impossible to determine the subtleties of feelings, sentiments, emotions, and well being. Logic helps to bring clarity in thoughts and mental reasonings. It establishes a pattern to reach at the results in an accurate and earliest way. The art of logic is an effort to bring informal theory to the definitions of logic. Logic simplifies the irregular path. The main use of logic is to reach at the truth. The truth has no defined path. It could be attained formally by the language of science and informally by the language of art. Science has structuralized the system of logic to an extent that sometimes truth is neglected to safeguard the patterns. Hence, the Art of Logic brings freedom to bring our own definitions and terms to the concepts of logic.

Aristotle is the pioneer in bringing logic to the world of philosophy. He has begun the applications of logic in both the theoretical and experimental world. The trend of logical movements is so established because of the correct framing of logic in accurate definitions and language. As Voltaire said, “if you wish to converse with me, define your terms.” The most common pattern of logic used in philosophy dictionary is syllogism. By the analysis of subject -predicate- and respective premises, one could reach to the conclusion.

Logic is a intellectual stimulation and the act of concept formations. By Logic, one could master the debates, arguments, and dialectical conversations. Logic helps to ease the burden of responsibility which writer face to present his ideas in a unique and reasonable way. For example, a factual description may sound less reliable than a established scientific theory including examples and practical importance.

In an overall outlook concerning the Art of logic, it is a:-

  1. An unknown journey towards known.
  2. An unspecified and unclear theory to reach clarity.
  3. A hope to make established path Universal.
  4. The Art of logic mostly signifies a-priori interest.
  5. It is a sneak-peek into the world of structures.
  6. It is a motivated steps to bring meaning to a particular theory.
  7. The action of logic is initiated to bring proper conclusions.
  8. The Art of Logic is beneficial to bring harmony between the contradictory parties.
  9. The Art of Logic produces outline to be followed in future.
  10. Logical journey is always known for its end, no matter from where it was initiated.
  11. The Art of Logic could break the pre-determined chains, to bring a different connections.
  12. The journey of logic, unfortunately, arises illogically.
  13. The Art of Logic is motivated and could begun with biased thoughts leading to unbiased conclusions.
  14. The Art of Logic highlights complexities of a situations or fields and turn the non-formal steps to simplify whole process.
  15. The Art of Logic is human-centered as it places all emotions, feelings, reflections together at a place for its logical modifications.

These were my own mental experiments to bring the Art of Logic to light. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add to this theory so that the discussion on the Art of Logic can continue. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Logic”

  1. Hi, I’m reading this book, and wanted to share this quote with you.

    “Bennoon: Forgive me, Master. But your logic confounds me with its illogicality. MIRDAD: No wonder, Bennoon, you have been called ‘the judge’. You would insist upon the logic of the case before you can decide it.
    Have you been judge so long and have not yet found out that the only use of Logic is to rid Man of Logic and lead him to Faith which leads to Understanding?
    Logic is immaturity weaving its nets of gossamer wherewith it aims to catch the behemoth of knowledge.
    When Logic comes of age it strangles itself in its nets and then becomes transmuted into Faith, which is the deeper knowledge.

    Logic is a crutch for the cripple; but a burden for the swift of foot; and a greater burden still for the winged(ie Enlightened).
    Logic is Faith in dotage. Faith is Logic come of age.
    When your logic comes of age, Bennoon, as soon it shall, you would no longer speak of Logic.” (from “The Book of Mirdad: The strange story of a monastery which was once called The Ark” by Mikhail Naimy)

    Start reading it for free:
    The journey that begins with Logic, ends with ‘The Book of Mirdad’. Logic is like first stage of Rocket. It has to be left after its purpose is over. So one has to keep reading books again and again till one is able to develop Faith/Trust in Godliness/God.

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    1. Logic both creates and destroys faith. Logic, in my view, is the only impartial method that comes to a conclusion after taking a holistic view of a problem. It examines, critiques, and then leaps to a conclusion. This book would undoubtedly open the mind to the concept of reasoning and its use in judging and concluding. I’ll definitely include it in my reading list. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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      1. It’s true! Logic circuits of reasoning, analysis and conclusion are located in the prefrontal cortex of human brain. It also executes the drives of creation and destruction, but this is emotional drive triggered by the cingulate cortex of brain, not the logical drive of conscience.

        Thanks for informative writing about logics and its detailed knowledge
        Happiness Classroom

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      2. I find it fascinating to see philosophical ideas defended by psychology and physical science. Your point of view gives this theory of logic a whole new meaning. Thank you for bringing this angle to light and giving it a whole new dimension.

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