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‘Me’ First?

Are we trapped in too much of self-concern?
Do the world start with me, and end with me?
Am I only interested in My job, My family, My Relationship, My life?
Do you think of helping others because you think it gives you satisfaction?

In this article, we would explore the tendency to come out of our me first conditioning. It’s not so easy, but it could help us to come out of the disastrous consequences like fear, craving for positions, and specific pattern-based life.

The ultimate happiness in life is to spend our life for the advantages of others. The service towards others, without any expectation, is real treasure of living. Humans are lost. They don’t know which directions to choose. They are just following the society, traditions, cultures, popular sayings, books, Government, Laws, and the regular habits. Have we ever thought, ‘why we include “me” or “I” in almost everything?’ ‘ Why do we try to find out the relations among everything?’ ‘Why don’t we consider the things individually?’ Apart from all this, we also don’t want to be into things or situations, where we are not getting anything in returns. Like we don’t want to work for something, where we may get nothing, neither profit nor satisfaction/ popularity.

Suppose you are in a situation, where you are physically yourself, but mentally or emotionally, you are with other individual or being. How effective that situation could be? You aren’t thinking anything about yourself, but you are absolutely absorbed in a situation or being. This kind of absorption is a pleasure without any expectations. This is the real joy without any adulteration of your interest, satisfaction, gratification, and expectations. This joy is a complete one. Other kind of happiness is always mixed with the impurities of our thoughts, views, opinions, guess, and demands.

The way humans have synchronized the world with their self-interest is doing harm to every other being. We want to see everything as we have already seen before. We don’t want to see anything new. We have fear that “the new” might not include us. It might not fit with our creations. We are afraid of being left alone, rejected, and lost.

Humans are not good in finding their own ways. They are mostly the followers, with a very few leaders. And this few leaders are also adding to the illusion of this world, by the “leader first” or “me first” or “I first”. The only thing which could take us out of this illusions is to scrap down the structures of “me first” and get totally engaged in the life. The true living is equivalent to lesser expectations, more faith, and transformation into a being which is “a new” and not the copy of your older being. Our older being is most likely to be the product of our circumstances, surroundings, conditioning. Once we step out of our older being then Life appear simple, and “me first” tendency gets erased. And thus, try to step out of your “I-ness” or “me-ness”, and you would definitely see the world trouble-less, ego-less, and failure-less.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

5 thoughts on “‘Me’ First?”

  1. Excellent. It is pouring out of your heart. It ‘happens’ when clouds are loaded with droplets of water, when flower is too full of fragrance , then there is no other way but to share.
    I quote “The ultimate happiness in life is to spend our life for the advantages of others. The service towards others, without any expectation, is real treasure of living.”
    Just a coincidence. Recently became member of OSHO YouTube channel, today I watched:

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  2. Selfless service – being physically with other but emotionally you are the person- is a reward in itself. call it a honey bee collecting micro droplets nectar! Enlightenment is nothing but falling of that whole honey upon you in a moment and you gets transformed!

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      1. Thanks Madhvi, it is your greatness overflowing.
        Whatever I write is my experience, otherwise I quote.
        My post ‘Subtle…communication’ is somewhat related but written basically for persons in depression or facing mental trauma or hatred minded people.

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