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Removing space, counteracting stress

Stress is any reaction to change. The change could be certain or uncertain, expected or unexpected, avoidable, or unavoidable. It could be anything that brings a feeling of discomfort in our life.

stress= number of stressful situations/ the ability to cope.

Stress is directly proportional to the number of stressful situations. In case, the number of stressful situations increase, the stress would increase. If we could avoid stressful situations, then we can remove stress. This could be possible by altering the pattern of our lifestyles. Also, Stress is inversely proportional to the ability to cope. If stress is high, the ability to cope up would be lower. The ability to cope up with stress also varies from person to person. It is because a person has different physical and mental abilities to get rid of stress. In another way, raising our abilities to tolerate stress could help to remove stress.

Stress could have a negative impact on our life. It could take away our attentive skills and spoil our productivity. The negative outcome of stress could be many. Some are imbalances in the automatic nervous system, hormonal change, and disturbed functioning of our mind & body.
There are several ways to remove stress from our life. The best way is to cut all the empty spaces and fill them with the activities of our interest.

For instance, if I am stressed and I want to deal with it, then I must do the activities which I love to do. Painting makes me forget all the worries and take me in the present moment. Thus, if I do the painting to drop negative spaces in my life, I could handle the level of my stress. It’s also important to reduce the number of stressful situations. The situations could be bad memories, person, or activity which acts as a reason for repeat occurrences of our stress. It’s not possible to cut all forms of stress & stressful situations. That’s why it’s important to stay connected to the present moments.

Generally, it happens that we lose all interests to do an activity when we are stressed. In such a scenario, the best way to avoid the thought of stressful situations is to do the activity that could replace the negative stressful thoughts with a positive one. I know it seems difficult, but by doing this activity, we could not only cut stress but could also tune in to the present.

There is also a need to increase our capabilities to deal with stress. For such reasons, we must follow the guidelines provided by health advisors. The best things developing our capacities to deal with stress are Yoga, Yoga Nidra(sleep meditation), and meditation(mindfulness exercise). You can browse google for the practice of these useful techniques or could consult an expert for further knowledge.

Yoga Nidra maintains our breathing rhythm and could help us to connect with our present moment. After removing the negative spaces in our life, we could be successful to reduce stress. Removing spaces doesn’t mean being into an activity we circumstantially have to do. Like office work, house chores, or sharing time with a close one. The correct procedure for removing stress is to increase the time for self and do activities that you really love doing. This procedure of removing space is the best trick to deal with stress.

By following this trick, we could attain peace of mind, rhythmic breathing, sound sleep, and stress-free living. Although stress has a number of techniques for its negation, the best one is to remove the space so that there would be no time to feel negative and stressed. I hope you like this idea of removing stress, if you want to add some more points or refute this theory, please feel free to write. Thanks for reading!

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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