Buddha Eight-Fold Noble path

Buddhism says sufferings could only be avoided by following eight-fold noble path:

  1. SAMYAK DRSTI=Right views/ understanding
    It is the understanding of four noble truths and realizing the reality of emptiness of life. Right view is to understand suffering, cause of suffering, extinction of suffering and path leading to sufferings.
  2. SAMYAK SANIKALPA=Right resolution/thought
    Right resolution is the thought-free from sensual desires, ill-will, cruelty and bad-faith. Eliminating wrong ideas and accepting good ideas would take us to nirvana. One should accept good thought, evil thoughts defile an individual and good thoughts elevate him.
  3. Samyak vak=Right speech
    Right though leads to right speech. Right speech means refraining from lying, slander, harsh words and frivolous talk. The speech should be true, sweet, agreeable and beneficial to others.
  4. SAMYAK KARMANTA=Right action
    It is the avoidance of killing, avoidance of stealing, and avoidance of sexual misconduct or misuse of the senses. These three evils are rooted in craving, ignorance and anger.
    Right livelihood means avoidance of five types of trades: trading in arms, human beings, flesh, intoxicating drinks, and poison. One should not take to forbidden means but work in consistency and good determination.
    a. To prevent the arising of evil that is not yet arisen.
    b. To discard the evil that has already arisen.
    c. To develop the arising of good.
    d. To promote the good that has already arisen, to increase it and to bring it to perfection.
    It is the mindfulness with regard to body, sensations, mind and Dharma(phenomenon).
    In Digha Nikaya, sutta 22, Buddha gives very detailed instructions as to how such contemplation is to be practised for example, regarding the body, “one should remember and contemplate that the body is only a combination of four elements(earth, water, fire and air). That it is filled with the whole sort of loathsome matters, flesh, bone, skin, entrails, dirt, bile, phlegm, blood, pus, etc. Going to a cemetery one should observe further how the body rots, decays, eaten by dogs, vultures and afterwards gradually becomes reduced to the five elements.By such intense contemplation, man is able to give up all false emotions and affections with the body.
    A concentrated mind perceives the true nature of things. Right concentration means:
    a. Right reasoning and investigation regarding the truths.
    b. It is unruffled meditation.
    c. Detachment from tranquillity.
    d. Detachment from bodily pleasure & pain.A state of perfect equanimity, indifference and self-possessions, is the state of nirvana or perfect wisdom.

    So these are the eightfold path of Buddhism which is for the cessation of suffering.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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