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Why Self-deception is Bad?

‘Faking is making’. But, for how long? How long does the art of deceiving works? Isn’t it eradicating our actual potentialities forever? Isn’t it showcasing something which is not in reality? Aren’t we losing the real self?

Does Perception really makes sense?

We often believe in what we see around. The thought we perceive guides our behaviour. The pre-conceive notions and traditional views reflect our choices. We set boundaries to our behaviour and our action. It is because we often feel it’s not right to eject the hidden concepts of self. Most of the time in our life we put an effort to hide the real us. We put barriers to the free flow of thoughts. Self-deception becomes the way to self-protection. We deceive the world because we seek roof-top, a safe zone in our lives. We want to live a justify living, we wish to be secure. In this process of seeking peace, everyone is moving towards the destruction of self. We put a barrier to our thoughts because we want to be like everyone else. We don’t want to broadcast our immature thinking to others. We don’t find any good in the struggle. And hence we don’t make efforts to progress our creative thoughts. We choose the already created path. We are afraid to choose the road not taken.

Road Not Taken?

Have you ever realized how one becomes poets, scientists, artists? It is because they haven’t deceived the self but, showcase this world their purest of self.
Most of the time we show the world what we are not. How much rightful it is? We go on deceiving the self. Hence, we don’t realize that self-deception takes us away from love and understanding. It makes us a fake personality. People may not believe us, they may not feel inspired to know us. It should be understood that the real thing always makes a difference. The real thing is the guiding force for most of the things in life. We need a bit of real advice, real lectures, real course and real directions to our living. The media, marketers and advertisers sometimes publish fake news. This may be very irritating for the public. The deception is never useful in our life. When the mind doesn’t have any self- deception, then we are real.

Identify Loneliness

When we stop escaping from realities; and accept who we are, then we can overcome most of the negative things from our lives. Loneliness comes to us when we are not real. The day we decide to be actual-we, we stop feeling more lonely in our lives. The day we stop escaping from realities and accept who we are, then it is most likely that we would be able to conquer loneliness in our lives.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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