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Let’s Come Out Of Comfort Zone!

Have you ever noticed a small insect inside a cocoon transforming into a beautiful butterfly? Isn’t it amazing to see the ugly small creature becoming its best version in a certain number of days? We all are like that insect inside a cocoon. The cocoon is our comfort zone- the level which stops us from growing further. We like our comfort zone as we are happily satisfied. We all want to be a successful person, but many of us may not find it suitable to leave the comfort zone. One may think that there is so much of danger to leave the safe-zone. One may encounter the uncontrollable troubles. One may be threatened for life. One may lose everything they have got. The danger of losing everything stops us from achieving the things we are really capable of. There is always optimal anxiety in choosing to leave our comfortable surroundings. The optimal anxiety, psychologically, termed as a stress level which is high than normal during the hardships faced while coming out of comfort zone. We may feel trapped between choosing to ‘’leave the comfort zone’’ or ‘’live the comfort zone’’. The life in a flow sounds good. Everyone advises staying out of danger. Because everyone thinks that dangers could take away everything we have got.

No one in life really wants to push them out of comfort zone. It is because they think there is nothing good getting out of comfort zone. Now let’s twist our thinking a bit. Let’s see something different and out of the box. ‘’To search for comforts, one may lose the comforts’’ isn’t so true. While pushing yourself out and trying a different thing may broaden your horizon. You may discover your hidden talents you never knew before. You may be surprised to see the different version of yourself. You will feel happy that you decided to come out of your comfort zone. Ask an athlete who practised tough to win the gold in Olympics, ask a scholar who researched day-night and gets her patent finalised, ask a soldier who troubles his life to save his Nation. There are many people on Earth who has somewhere in their lives taken great pain to achieve what they really care for. They have pushed themselves out of their comfort level, struggled from all the odds, not care for the words of others, not afraid of failures and finally transforming into their best versions. It’s not that all such successful people might not have faced anxiety, may not have faced pain, and any danger. But the thing is they have eradicated all the negative feelings, they have controlled their anxiety positively, and they cleared all the jammed roads to reach the path they dream about. Controlled anxiety is real anxiety. It depends on you- the way you cope up. It’s your level of personal motivation- the innate drives which makes you stay positive and active to reach out for your goals.

We are so well satisfied in our own comfort -zones, we are psychologically choosing hedonistic adaptations in our lives. It is the pleasure which makes us content to not reach for the other pleasures. It should be noted that every time it’s not about the pleasures. It’s also about the transformations. Imagine a normal sailor Columbus may not have faced the fear of drowning in ocean storms to discover the untrodden island which later became America. Imagine Graham Bell, the deaf scientist, may not have researched with the sounds to discover the Telecommunication equipment. Imagine the Vedas are never revealed in scriptures. In all such cases, our life would not be as it is now. We all are comfortable in our lives because of the people who have found their best of hidden abilities only to contribute some new thing to society. The legacy of knowledge should be transformed throughout generations. We should discover ourselves in the best possible way to contribute the best of our parts to the development of society. No pleasure is greater than the satisfaction in discovering our inbuilt capacities.

To discover the hidden qualities are no-one day thing. You need to go step-by-step. If you walk, make an effort to run. If you write, make an effort to finish a book. If you like coding, make an effort to make your own software applications. Remember every effort count. Remember you can be successful by your every small endeavour. Your every action is a contribution you are making to society. Always try to broaden your horizon in a different way. You would find yourself becoming the best version of you. It is a complete transformation when we leave the cocoon – the comfort zone to discover the hidden possibilities inside us.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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