Self Isolation or Self Connection?

Bhagavad Gita presents solution to all the problems of a mankind. During this period of epidemic disaster, if we follow the theory prescribed in it, we could overcome any disasters affecting the mankind. Gita stresses on the performance of actions. For most of us, action is our routine job, work or activity which we follow for living. What else could be action?

The process of quarantine has locked everyone inside their house doors and everyone is left without any productive activity. The process of quarantine couldn’t be blamed as it is for the goodness of all. And Gita appreciate the concept of greatest good for the greatest number.

Many scholars and researchers has advised that this is the best time to look upon self and follow the things one must really wish to pursue. In short, following the creative passion is the best thing one can proceed with. Coming to the theory of action, we have a lots of things to do. The knowledge of self is the best knowledge one must have. The self knowledge may not necessarily bring appraisal from the world but it will let you attain the highest goal in this world.

It is the right time to achieve happiness without spoiling the happiness of others. The Gita guides us to continue action no matter what. Everyday and every hour we are engrossed in actions. It is upon us to decide the quality of our action. Are we going to spend our days in resting or watching Netflix? or we would take up the candle of creativity and look inside the unexplored mind? Being inclined to good action is the quality of good mind. But, One should keep doing good actions without calculating the quality of mind. Man should not be saturated with the feelings of self-isolation. But must link up the connection with self for the knowledge and progress of humanity.

This self-isolation is the path-ways to self exploration. We rarely get time to explore the inside world being busy in gross world. It’s time to explore our subtle world and pray for the time & technology to heal the epidemics spreading outside.

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