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Existential Stress

Meanwhile, the global community is working hard to improve survival rates. One’s attention should be drawn back to the existential scale. Existence comes with purpose. If we haven’t yet considered the reason for our existence, we should do so before time runs out. It is moment now to bring people aware of the Nietzschean greatest statement, “God is dead”. The declaration that awoke the masses from their grief and gave them hope to look back on a jumbled past and envision a meaningful future ahead. In this pandemic period, I’ve been reading stories of people losing their loved ones and being in a complete state of paranoia about ‘what to do next?’. The emotional stress and resistance they are experiencing is causing them to miss out on their life’s purpose. In this devastating time, it is difficult to give life a positive purpose. But I’ve also seen some great souls who, in the aftermath of tragedy, instantly called attention to ongoing losses and became instruments for preventing others from being victims. This is the symbol of great spirit, the element of divinity that resides within each of us. It manifests itself in specific circumstances, but if we make a conscious effort to recognize the one inside us, we can be able to add light to the world of darkness. The only aim of this article is to focus on the existential problem that must be rediscovered, as well as upon the current stress that must be identified, and a mission that must be established in order to make life valuable and worthwhile for those around us.

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