The journey of ‘Self’ in Various stages of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered how many stages our consciousness or self passes through? If you will say; you don’t have any idea or you know somewhat. Then, here I clear all for you.


Our consciousness passes through four stages and i.e., ‘Jagrat’ or when you are a knower, ‘Svapna’ when you turn into a dreamer, ‘Susupti’ when you know nothing of yourself, and ‘Turiya’ is a blissful state, the ultimate destination of self. It’s possible for us to travel through the three stages stated above, and we are doing it regularly. I will tell you how? But, one thing you should keep in mind that you cannot be in three stages simultaneously, you need to travel one at a time.

Level of consciousness

Suppose you buy an ice-cream and this is because ice-cream is your favourite and you love eating it. Conclusively, you are eating an ice-cream because it’s your choice and you are doing by your free-will. In short, nobody has interfered with you. Now you went to your friend and tease him by saying that you had an expensive ice-cream. This is your ahankaar, the attitude, the arrogance about your doings or karmas.

The soul which knows its presence and doings are said to be in waking state or Jagrat. This Atman or Jiva is also known as ‘Vishwa’ or doer or gross body.


Now suppose I am your friend whom you lured with an ice-cream. I had a dream that I am eating that costly ice-cream described by you. This is my personal world & my personal experience; even you aren’t aware of the fact that I am having an ice-cream. Of course, it’s not reality but somehow I am satisfactorily enjoying my own state, my own consciousness as a dreamer. Actually one would see the unaccomplished tasks or Vasnas in a dream state. This is called a Tejas or subtle body.

Deep sleep

The next level of consciousness is susupti. From a long day’s work, you often fall in such a deep sleep that you don’t even realise that you were sleeping. This stage is a night of dreamless sleep. You don’t have any dream you are in the third state of consciousness. This is also called as deep sleep or causal body.

The fourth stage of consciousness is a little hard to understand. This is called the meditative stage. It is the sleepless sleep. It is also called caturiya, chaturtha. It is pure consciousness. In this state, any experience is indescribable and infinite. In this state, the knowledge, the knower and the known becomes one. A person reach a liberated state.


Advaita Philosophy describes the four states of consciousness.

Hindu philosophy believes in four stages of consciousness, it’s our journey towards an ultimate destination- the liberation. We could also say it’s our journey from known to unknown. It’s the revelation of ultimate truth. And we should always seek such truth.

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