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Successful Relationship is a product of WE time & ME time

This article is purposefully written for those who are in a kind of sick relationship and don’t know the way out…

Relationship turns bitter when there is a lack of time management between partners. More than 50% breakups and divorce occurs because couples fail to spend quality time together. With no time- there is no understanding, no feelings of love, no motivation to continue, and in a rarest case, no purpose to live. Thus, here we really see the dangerous consequences of lack of time management among partners.

Lack of time management is due to two issues which could fail any relationships-

  1. ME Time= Privacy

Privacy is a precious gift for the development of inner potentials. One needs to keep learning and growing so as to keep up with the competitive times. Most partner interfere so much in others matter that they forget to provide the essential time one might need for overall well-being. This generates a feeling of suffocation that makes others feel like running away somewhere else.

ME time is the most important time for personal understanding and knowing of self. In a committed relationship, an unbearable interference takes away the meaningfulness of life. This results into restricted self -development which leads into a failure to use one’s conscience. The feeling of non-knowing kills the person from within. The feeling of being unable to decide for ‘self’ mentally paralyses the person. This is the reason any kind of relationship works only when a person pays enough attention to underlying passion and self-growth. ME time is the idea of self-healing. And healing is always required for attaining balance in between body, mind, and soul.      

  1. WE Time= staying together

People believe that living together can solve any types of problems in relationships. On contrary, I believe it’s a wrong perception. Despite live-in-together, most couple fails to enter into a long- term relationship. What could be the reason for this failure?

It is because they are not able to deliver proper time to each other. Couples may spend the necessary time together- such as eating, living, house management. In all this, they fail to dedicate the essential time of togetherness. They fail to care, pamper, eliminate addictions (mobile phone, smoking, bad habits, etc.), show interest in others passions, share feelings, and exchange ideas.

We are all aware that just planting a tree is not enough. On a regular basis, we need to give water, fertilizers, protection against storms, remove weeds, do basic cutting, and so on. In a similar way, just entering into a relationship is not enough, one needs to show continuous love, care, proper understanding, and balanced attention.

The combination of WE time and ME time could play the perfect role in sustaining a healthy relationship. I hope this article would provide the couples with an advantage of both being together to share love, time, emotion and being in a private zone to finish work target, fulfill passion, and enjoy personal care sessions.      

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