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How you treat with your scars?

With today’s Suicide prevention day, September 10 2020,  it seems necessary to look back at our scars, which might have occurred out of our problems,  depression, and struggles. Let’s reflect back at our scars with new perspectives to remind us again that we are strong, brave, deserve praise, and grateful for everything in our life. 

Scar is a physical mark of accident,  injury,  and violence,  inflicted in the body,  either by self or others. We all must be having a scar at some point in our life. We all might have felt painful,  sad and unhappy for the scar marks in our body. There are many problems concerning scars.  For some of us, scar is the evidence of first pain we might have experienced in our life. For some others,  it’s the worst memory one could have in life.  For very few,  it’s an answer to the challenges life brings on us.  

It’s evident from the past society that we have always misunderstood our scars.  Media & advertising industry has taken full advantage of these weaknesses. They have tried to sell the products which could remove or hide our scars.  We have always made mistakes to identify the true meaning of our scar.  In this writing,  I would be reflecting on the beauty of scars, we have been overlooking for such a long period of time.  

Have we observed children?  For them,  even a tiny scar mark is such a wonderful topic to discuss.  When they accidentally fall down,  they cry,  shout,  scream,  and express all inner emotions.  When they recover,  and find scars in their body,  they will boast stories of their bravery.  They will tell others about the pain and their struggle to come out of it.  They will always have amazing feelings for their scars.  Even superhero will carry scars of fight,  mysterious origin, and victory. Character Harry Potter was popular for the scar on his head.  

When we grow younger,  we start feeling insecure for our scars.  We try to hide it from other people.  When someone asks the story of our scars,  we reveal its truth with so much concern,  worry, and hesitation. 

As we step into adulthood, the insecurity for our scars increase. And we seriously start thinking about it.  We would visit the surgeon and skin specialists,  we would move to every corner of the world, and spend every penny required to get free from our scars.  

There are very few individuals who enjoy living with their scars.  Why are scars the topic of hatred?  Why are scars treated as if it’s not our own? Why are scars often overlooked by individuals? While digging deeply into the scars, it’s clear that scars are our story of conquering pain, standing upright, facing reality,  and feeling pride in growing up.  Some insecurities of the world around us often made us hate our own scars, its beauty, glory and identity.  

Scars is a bridge between the journey of who you were and who you are now.  It’s your natural identity which reveals a brave story about you. It’s all depends on us how we look at it.  Animals carry their scars without any hesitation.  By looking at the scars of an animal, we got to know a lot of things about it.  We got to know the struggles,  the bravery,  and fights.  The animals who carry scars,  show more power,  understanding of situations,  and willingness to protect the territory.

When it comes to humans,  they avoid their scars to avoid unwanted sympathy, attention,  and criticism. Many would ask about scars, and if the story is too personal,  then they are ready to create a scene out of it.  In ancient India,  there used to be many conservative families which would scan the bride’s body first,  before selecting her for marriage. If, by mistake, they find even a scratch,  they will cancel the marriage there itself.  

Scars are considered as a symbol of ugliness.  In ancient times,  women used to protect themselves from cruel men. They will harm their body, face and allow the scars to appear.  They knew very well that men would escape after looking at their ugliness. 

These were the real stories of scars. We have mistreated it for quite a long time.  Today we are talking about accepting yourself as who you are.  Then,  why do we still ignore our scars? Why don’t we accept it as it is?  Why don’t we treat it as our achievement & trophies? Your scar mark is your identity of the intensity of pain you could experience.  Your scars speak about the glory you achieved. Your scars tell you about the misunderstanding you faced in life.  Your scars speak of tortures put on you. Most importantly, your scars speak of the person you were then,  and the person you turned into now.  Scars define your past and remind you not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Scars sometimes originate out of our act of depression.  Scars is a reminder of coming out of unpredictable situations. Scars remind us that we have conquered our problems.  It tells us that we can face such problems with full knowledge and awareness in future.  By learning the true meaning of our scar, the unpredictability of a situation decreases.  We identify the hidden symbols of mistrust,  misunderstanding, and lack of awareness.  Scars warn you not to turn victim again.  It warns us that history could be repeated again. It tells us that consequences could be dangerous again.  It increases your abilities to conquer your difficult times with confidence, and bravery. Scars make us conscious on  steps we are going to take in our life.  Scars give us warning to take carefully the decision in life.  With so much importance of scar marks,  it’s totally insane to neglect and expel it away from our life. 

It’s time now to understand the scar marks on our body, and live it as our real trophies. If you have your story concerning scars, please feel free to share. The more we discuss, the more lighter our journey becomes.

Maya- The unknown Ruler

“We run towards illusionary happiness, the materialistic life. We should know that real happiness is within us. We just need to identify it.”

Maya is a cosmic illusion. It’s a magic we generally fail to identify. We are known to be in illusion from the past to present days.
Maya is not an ordinary kind of illusion. It decieve us of reality and make us see what it wants us to show. Due to Maya, it’s difficult to recognize the truth and our life is affected a lot. It’s just because of Maya that we are blind despite having eyes, deaf despite having ears and mute despite having mouth.
Maya cover the reality/ the truth in such a way that we see illusion but believe it to be reality. Maya is just like a mirage which shows water in desert.

Life on Earth isn’t real but a divine Leela.

If everything is illusion, then what’s reality? Where is truth?
This is the major metaphysical problem in philosophy. What we consider reality, isn’t true in real. Reality is completely different from what we see around.

Today’s perspective:  Influence of ‘Maya’ in our Life

Today our world is most badly affected by Maya. I will put forward the daily life examples which would make it easier to understand the concepts:
Today we give time to technology & work so much, that we forget to give time to our own family, people, and even to self.
We won’t skip a day browsing Instagram, Facebook, twitter and we rarely get time to read the artistic writings and noble works of writers.
Today communication & transport has turned much easier due to technology, but we don’t prefer going to our village and spending time with our relatives.
Today the right means of living is broadcasted everywhere on TV, Internet, and social media. Still, our country is fighting cancer, HIV and another deadly disease.
Because of Maya, the loyal & poor people are ignored; whereas corrupted & rich are celebrated.
Today the royalty is measured by dressing & styles, and not by knowledge & beliefs. And the blame goes to Maya.
Our country is badly affected by the illusionary power of MAYA. Our life is threatened for its true essence. We focus our major part of life in building a happy house, and suddenly the disaster comes, and everything is destroyed.

How could we avoid falling in the trap of Maya?

“We run towards illusionary happiness, the materialistic life. We should know that real happiness is within us. We just need to identify it.”
There are so many limitations in people’s thinking & beliefs. Despite all these drawbacks, our country prospers because it values the talents and keeps on pushing the poor to live a life of comfort & respect.
The reason is explicably called as the self-power. Maya despite being so powerful & outreach, couldn’t affect the soul which could differentiate between the reality & fake.
In today’s world, if we identify the reality & fake,  then we are untouched by the mischief of Maya.
WE are humans, a masterpiece with errors. So, we shouldn’t be afraid of errors but should do our tasks with great pride and interests. Whatever will turn wrong could be blamed to Maya.”
Despite having the influence of Maya, an illusion, if we try to manage our life positively & logically, we can avoid getting affected by Maya.

Philosophical perspectives: Understanding Maya

1. Maya projects illusion and Maya conceals the truth. Maya stops us from achieving God’s realization and self-realization. It’s because of Maya that we are drowning in the sea of ignorance. We can’t see the island of truth. We are an intelligent being. But, we feel like most ignored.
2. Maya creates the materialistic desires in us. It’s the materialistic desires which make us do work or activity. Since childhood, we want to grab the thing we see. We are running for fake happiness only to be realized at the end.
The secret of the universe couldn’t be explored because we are troubled by Maya.  Modern science is exploring the universe and has been true in finding some deep truth. But still, it hasn’t found the absolute truth. It’s because of Maya we couldn’t reach to the absolute truth. The more efforts we put to get the truth, the bigger the problems turn.
3. The most important question which arises in understanding Maya:
If Maya is projecting illusion everywhere, then what about our own world? Does the world really exist? Or it is just the projection of Maya? Vedanta Philosophy explains that world doesn’t exist in reality. It exists only in relation to our mind. It’s same as per the definition given by popular Greek philosopher Descartes. I think; I exist. And therefore, I exist; the world exists.
Since our world has got both positive and negative phenomenon. And so, our world couldn’t be defined as completely real. Our world has got both optimistic & pessimistic thing. Our world seems hopeful and disaster at the same time. The dual nature of the world couldn’t be accepted in the theory of absolutism. Because of the duality of the nature of this world, philosophers and scientists have declared it as unreal and geared up to search the real world. Or the world which has got complete truth and no falsehood. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been possible to reach the truth despite persistent efforts.
4. Spirituality claims that realism is all inside us. There is no way we could find it at another place. While spirituality is exploring the inner life, scientists are making an effort to find reality outside.
Conclusively, no satisfactory results have been found. And all is blamed to the unknown ruler- the Maya which deceives us in a way that no-one could explore the reality. If we fully understand Maya, we would be successful in identifying and judging reality.
When we know the reality, everything changes, and we feel peace.
Therefore, let’s start getting unaffected by the materialistic life and focus on the true, spiritualistic, valuable, and genuine development of the self.
I hope you like the summary on ‘Maya’. Though there are many concepts related to Maya, I tried to finish it in reference to our actual life. Thanks for your continuous support. 🙂

Forms and Reality of Life

Forms define the reality of our life. The reality which surrounds us and the reality which we believe in. To understand more, let’s start with the concepts of ancient Greek Philosophers.

When we talk about ‘forms’ in Philosophy, the theory of Plato and Aristotle rules our mind. They have their different concepts on the ‘forms’, but the notions were almost the same. The intentions as we can speak of, was to define an object under some classes to give proper identification.

Plato Forms

Plato ‘form’ was a purely independent concept. According to him, ‘form’ has got its different world. It’s completely different from the world of matter. They are eternal and limitless. He called the forms as ‘ideas’. It is the most fundamental thing in the universe.

Aristotle Forms

Aristotle forms seek a classification for all the objects in this world. It is called as an archetype for all the creations. For example, ‘beauty’ is a category where all the related beautiful things could be defined and identified. ‘Horse’ is a category which could be used to define any particular figure which resembles like a horse. ‘Woman’ is a category where we can put and define any women of the country.

The Aristotle form could again be categorized into the following two concepts-

1. The Substantial Form– It is the actual category of a form which couldn’t be altered in any conditions. It is a substantial form. For example, the substances ‘horses’, ‘woman’, etc.

2. The Accidental form– It is the altered category of a form. It is the deceived form which is not verifiable from its actual category. It is non- substantial. For example, beauty, wise, justice, cruelty. The nature and definitions of all such things alter from time to time and therefore couldn’t be called as a substantial form.

Conclusively, the forms have different types but the notions are the same. It is the process of identification of some being through the use of some category, principles, and classifications.

Why Forms matters?

Forms, when defined briefly, is a principle which reflects the concepts of a particular person, place or a thing.

In our life, we are conscious of all the forms around us. We are aware of all the natural and unnatural laws. We find the essence of a thing in its process of working. We find the essential character of a thing by its forms. Form matters very much in life. It matters to such an extent that we don’t care to look for the essence when there is some widely accepted form. For example, if there is a certain political idea, we may not care to study its essence until it’s producing sound results.

Forms as a principle matter too much for us. We are habituated to look at the forms that we forget to analyse its essence.

The books, the scriptures, the thoughts of a nobleman are so much meaningful for us. We don’t find it useful to verify the same by our own. We so much believe in the theory produced by others, that we often neglect to verify the theories by our own effort.

There is a story in Chinese scripture which would make the theory of ‘forms and essences’ very much clear.

A meaningful Story

A Chinese monk would use to deliver his sermons on a regular basis. The peculiar thing about the monk was that he would deliver the sermons only when his cat would sit next to him. His love for his cat was admired so much by his disciples that they created a small throne for the cat too. This process of monk delivering his teachings with his cat goes on for years and years. The monk died one day, and a new monk sat on the throne to deliver his first sermons. People got disturbed and found something wrong in the manners of the lecture delivery of a new monk. They claimed that the cat should be there when a monk delivers a sermon. This was crazy. Isn’t it? How people could believe in the forms or procedures so much that they forget the real essences?

This same thing is going on in our society. We are so much conscious of the procedures, methods and systems that we often neglect the real essences. The damn system has spoiled our mindset. We aren’t understanding the essences. We are just claiming the system to be right because it was so throughout the years.

When are we going to realize the essences of a particular system and start working on its positive effects on the society?

The thought pattern which we believed to be true for the years could also be wrong. We should learn to understand the essences of a thing, before completely accepting it as true.

The forms and the reality of life are very well connected through the link of essences. When we understand the essence, we won’t make a mistake to understand the forms and the reality of life.

Thought for the day

The best thing we can do is to identify any system and compare its essences and the meanings towards a society or being. This would directly impact the choices we make in our lives for a smarter living.

Thank you for reading my post. If you liked this idea and want to share some more, then do comments your valuable thoughts on this.

Turn your Expectations into Reality

The expectation is said to be the best surprise in the world. It is a belief or sometimes our own thinking. It is the probability of an occurrence of an event or an activity. You expect something, and when it turns true, you are thrilled and feel as in cloud nine. The probability of an occurrence of an event depends on the awareness or knowledge of a situation. If you are fully aware of the situation, then you know an event would likely to take place. But, if you don’t know the situations much, you expect the luck to be at your side. So, expectations, no doubt give you an ultimate chance to believe in your luck in a situation. You would readily accept all the norms and false beliefs which could help in increasing the probability of the event happening. It won’t be wrong to say that expectations give ways to superstitious beliefs and some false objective. When you want a particular event to occur anyhow you don’t mind to twist the circumstances resulting in an event.

The completion of an expectation is indeed a wonderful feeling. You really expect a good thing out of your life. But sometimes bad thing occurs, and then you blame the situations. These types of bad faiths aren’t so helpful in our life. We must eradicate such behaviour. We should expect good results in our doings only if we are completely sure of the favourable results. It should be kept in mind that luck doesn’t support us at every moment. Sometimes control of the situations isn’t in our hand. We may feel dejected, lost, and unhappy when we fail in achieving something. If such a thing happens, try to check the level of your expectations. It is because low expectations would result in lower chances of occurrence of an event whereas high expectation would result in a higher chance of event success. The choice is yours, so be sure to check out the possibilities of an occurrence of an event before you cross your finger and wait for the luck to be yours.

In the number of cases, it has been observed that expectation is due to uncertainty. When this expectation is high, it is a high chance of its being turned in reality. So, the ‘possibility’ is the only barrier left between expectations and reality. The expectation is believed to be more in social norms and the behaviour of others. We expect others to be right in their behaviour and action; we believe it so strongly that if some wrong thing occurs, we fully blame the person committing the wrong behaviour. One must understand that a person is not responsible for every set of his behaviour, but it is also the circumstance which is sometimes not supportive. A person chooses the wrong behaviour in the pressure of its circumstances. The wrong behaviour is a result of selecting the wrong habits in life. Before judging a person, and expecting a favourable result, we need to check out the circumstances with which that person is dealing. The expectation is based on a person culture and education. It also depends on a personal level of self-confidence and its inherent nature. Expectations and its resultant happiness are very well based on the psychological status of a person. The failure in an expectation could lower down the self-confidence and increase the frustration level.

Expectations is based on the biased collections of data rather a careful observations. This could be explained by ‘The invisible Gorilla effect’. You may have remembered this social experiment when a group of people have been asked to count the number of times the basketballs being thrown inside ring. People were so engrossed in counting that they didn’t even notice the gorilla entering in Basketball ground, beating his chest and then running away. People are sometimes so intently want an event to happen that they forget the links or don’t notice the phenomenon which could fail their expectations.

Conclusively, if we want to be happy, we should check the level of our expectations. Expectations turn into reality only on some terms & conditions. Therefore, if we want our expectation status to turn in reality, then we must set our belief rightly and judge the circumstances well before expecting a favourable result. One should respond mindfully to circumstances rather than just reacting instantly. Turning of expectations into reality is no longer a myth but a strong possibility.

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