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Turn your Expectations into Reality

The expectation is said to be the best surprise in the world. It is a belief or sometimes our own thinking. It is the probability of an occurrence of an event or an activity. You expect something, and when it turns true, you are thrilled and feel as in cloud nine. The probability of an occurrence of an event depends on the awareness or knowledge of a situation. If you are fully aware of the situation, then you know an event would likely to take place. But, if you don’t know the situations much, you expect the luck to be at your side. So, expectations, no doubt give you an ultimate chance to believe in your luck in a situation. You would readily accept all the norms and false beliefs which could help in increasing the probability of the event happening. It won’t be wrong to say that expectations give ways to superstitious beliefs and some false objective. When you want a particular event to occur anyhow you don’t mind to twist the circumstances resulting in an event.

The completion of an expectation is indeed a wonderful feeling. You really expect a good thing out of your life. But sometimes bad thing occurs, and then you blame the situations. These types of bad faiths aren’t so helpful in our life. We must eradicate such behaviour. We should expect good results in our doings only if we are completely sure of the favourable results. It should be kept in mind that luck doesn’t support us at every moment. Sometimes control of the situations isn’t in our hand. We may feel dejected, lost, and unhappy when we fail in achieving something. If such a thing happens, try to check the level of your expectations. It is because low expectations would result in lower chances of occurrence of an event whereas high expectation would result in a higher chance of event success. The choice is yours, so be sure to check out the possibilities of an occurrence of an event before you cross your finger and wait for the luck to be yours.

In the number of cases, it has been observed that expectation is due to uncertainty. When this expectation is high, it is a high chance of its being turned in reality. So, the ‘possibility’ is the only barrier left between expectations and reality. The expectation is believed to be more in social norms and the behaviour of others. We expect others to be right in their behaviour and action; we believe it so strongly that if some wrong thing occurs, we fully blame the person committing the wrong behaviour. One must understand that a person is not responsible for every set of his behaviour, but it is also the circumstance which is sometimes not supportive. A person chooses the wrong behaviour in the pressure of its circumstances. The wrong behaviour is a result of selecting the wrong habits in life. Before judging a person, and expecting a favourable result, we need to check out the circumstances with which that person is dealing. The expectation is based on a person culture and education. It also depends on a personal level of self-confidence and its inherent nature. Expectations and its resultant happiness are very well based on the psychological status of a person. The failure in an expectation could lower down the self-confidence and increase the frustration level.

Expectations is based on the biased collections of data rather a careful observations. This could be explained by ‘The invisible Gorilla effect’. You may have remembered this social experiment when a group of people have been asked to count the number of times the basketballs being thrown inside ring. People were so engrossed in counting that they didn’t even notice the gorilla entering in Basketball ground, beating his chest and then running away. People are sometimes so intently want an event to happen that they forget the links or don’t notice the phenomenon which could fail their expectations.

Conclusively, if we want to be happy, we should check the level of our expectations. Expectations turn into reality only on some terms & conditions. Therefore, if we want our expectation status to turn in reality, then we must set our belief rightly and judge the circumstances well before expecting a favourable result. One should respond mindfully to circumstances rather than just reacting instantly. Turning of expectations into reality is no longer a myth but a strong possibility.

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