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Yoga for Good-Day!

The art of living a happy and healthy life lies in the ancient Rig Vedic practices of ‘Yoga’. Yoga, an ancient therapy is verifiable in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

The Yogic practices comprise of different Asanas(postures) and Pranayams(breathing techniques). This asanas and Pranayam is an easy and effective method for all the age groups. Notably, there are different types of yoga created particularly for different age needs.

Simple Technique- Larger Benefits

The simplest of yoga postures could result in the highest of health benefits. In order to derive the best of health benefits from Yoga, you don’t need to be a learned master. You could practice yoga simply at the comfort level of your home and could get rid of all the diseases.

Just simple and effective guidance from a long-time yoga practitioner could show us the right directions to do the yoga techniques. As long as you practice yoga, you will surely understand its importance and embark on the journey of Yogis (male yoga practitioner) or Yogini (female yoga practitioner).

Yoga for Mindfulness

The knowledge and practice of yoga give physical, mental, social and personal benefits. Yoga is the practical aspects of life. The longer we practice yoga, the better we know our-self. The yoga practice understands our body needs very well. It re-generates the old cells and hence purifies our body.

As we grow older, our body starts turning weak. If proper care & attention is not taken, then it becomes difficult for the body to support life. To ensure long life, one must keep practicing yoga or other forms of exercises.

One must also eat the right kinds of food or the sattvika food for the status of a fit body and a healthy mind. Yoga vidya teaches to intake the sattvika quality (avoidance of meat) of food for better performances in life. The green leafy vegetables and a good amount of water could keep us healthy and fresh throughout our day. Detoxification of our body is only possible when one chooses a healthy diet style.

The mindfulness of doing the right kind of activities or taking the right food is generated by the persistent practice of Yoga.

Listen to your Body

For overall benefits from any activities, one must listen properly to the needs and demands of the body. It means we must check the quantity as well as the quality of food intake. We must also check the amount of physical and mental activity we are doing on a regular basis. The jerk in our body produces when we suddenly start doing any hard physical activities. The jerk could be very harmful to our body as it could damage some nerves permanently. In order to avoid a sudden jerk, one must start the yoga practices in a systematic and tuned way.

Challenging our limitations and getting out of the comfort zone must be a priority for everyone. One must be an active performer and do their best in all the activities. Yoga practices make us strong for all the challenges in life ahead.

To know more, let’s see the concepts described in the teachings of Yoga. Let’s begin with the Patanjali Yoga.

Patanjali has taught the performances of Astanga-yoga in life. Astana-yoga is adopting eight kinds of essential habits in life.

They are- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi.

Yama or the five abstentions like Ahimsa (Non-violence), Satya(Truthfulness or abstentions from lying), Asteya(Non-stealing), Brahmacharya(loyalty to one’s partner), and Aparigraha(non-possessiveness).

Niyama or the five kinds of observances in life, which are Saucha(Purity), Santosha(Contentment), Tapas(perseverance), Svadhyaya(the study of Vedas), Ishvara Pranidhana(Contemplation of God).

Asanas means be seated in the position of Yoga. It also means to include yoga in our day-to-day activities.

Pranayam denotes breathing techniques which could help to keep up the breaths throughout our body. It regulates our breath and increases the benefits of breaths each cycle.

Pratyahara means withdrawal of sense organs from the external objects. Our senses should help us to gain the right knowledge in life. It shouldn’t be directed to negativity and falsehood.

Dharana (Concentration) – when we are concentrating well on our tasks, then we could be successful in completing that task.

Dhyana(meditation)- A meditative mind could be very useful in maintaining the internal as well as external forms of our life. Through guided meditation and hypnosis, we could cure many visible problems and could keep invisible problems away.

Samadhi(Liberation)– It is the ending part of a true yogi. A person is able to find the soul or consciousness and liberate it from the bondage of life & death.

Challenge Your Body- Physical Fitness

Yoga provides instant satisfaction and long lasting transformations. The physical limit is definitely met as one practices Yoga continuously. Yoga postures are made on challenging postures of animals. The dog pose, serpent pose, camel pose, peacock pose, dead pose, all such poses are created imitating the life of animals around.

The difficulty level increases as we practice various kinds of poses regularly and systematically. Our body starts adapting a variety of poses for the overall strength and wellness.

Conquering the psychological & Emotional limits

Psychological limits- Yoga is the best techniques which distress the body and maintains mental health. Major psychological problems such as schizophrenia and depressions could be cured by the regular practices of Yoga.

The ‘meditation’ in yoga is the fruitful method for sound mental health. The peace at mind makes a person happy, calm and cheerful. The relations start turning positive and the likeability of a person in a group increases. As we calm our mind through the arts of meditation, we breathe long and deep. The longer and deeper breaths regulate the blood flow and overall performances of our body. Yoga is the perfect methods for rejuvenating our mind.

Emotional limits In our life, we may have to face a chain of emotions. Sometimes we are totally broken by a failure or close-one death. In such conditions, we should have a strong emotional balance. Yoga helps to produce such positive balance of mind and body which could help in healing the emotional troubles.

Yoga has proved as a prosperous form of exercise for long years and it would continue providing the benefits for the coming years too. The new technology, climate change, society renewal has changed or transformed everything we see. But art has always been the same.

Yoga method has been the same for a long time, but it has divulged into various forms according to the various rising needs. In today’s time, you can choose yoga which is tailored just for you like power yoga, couple yoga, parental yoga, pregnancy yoga, hot yoga, child yoga, etc.

The implementation of Yoga in life could be very useful. There is no boredom due to its various types plus there are multiple health benefits too. Inclusion of Yoga in one’s life is a one step forward to better health, money, career and social relations.

The psychological, physical and emotional health is tuned up as one starts practicing Yoga and our life starts turning better.

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