3 Types of Awareness

Awareness is the state of mind in which one is consciously mindful of his or her physical body, mental states, circumstances, climate, and conditions. Here, to recognize and realize our own state, we will look at three types of awareness.

Awareness of Object

The first kind of Awareness is to be aware of your thoughts. One has to be watchful about thought, memories, opinions, facts, and dreams. Krishnamurti’s “choiceless awareness” discusses this kind of awareness. It says not to choose your thoughts, opinions, and judgements of anything around you or related to you. It means just to be watchful of whatever things occurring to you. Thoughts appears and disappears, it will lose its meaning when we don’t pay enough attention to it. The bridge from memory to non-memory is awareness one.

Awareness of Object and Subject

In this awareness, you become attentive to both thought & thinkers, perceiver & perception, belief & believer. The consciousness is focused upon both the subject and object. Gurdjieff work is totally upon this kind of awareness. In this process, you separate the “I” from your actual identity. You don’t assume “I” as your permanent and real nature. For example, when you think about your childhood, you focus on both childhood memories and yours process of recall i.e., act of an “I” to recall the past life. Gurdjieff calls this process as “self-remembering”. It is the bridge from non-memory to un-origination.

No object and Subject-only pure awareness

This is the stage of no-mind. You reach at the complete state of alertness. There is neither the thoughts of objects nor the thoughts of subjects. There is just pure awareness. In this awareness, you drop all concentration, focus, and attention. You are just alert of situation and in a state of complete mindfulness. This is a state of fully developed consciousness. In a stage of meditation, a person has to cross this last stage to undergo transcendental experiences.

I hope you enjoyed reading the types of awareness. In any case, you need to know more, you are free to comment. Thanks for reading!

Reference: Book Osho ‘Tantric Transformation- when Love meets meditation’ Tantra vision

To be Ordinary is the most Extra-Ordinary thing

Why there is so much competition in being extraordinary when real happiness is in being ordinary?

Extraordinary is nothing but an illusion. It is the wrong perception of the quality of self. In this vast, diverse, immense Universe why a person seeks to be extraordinary? The answer is elucidated in a most simple way by the proponent of OSHO Community – Acharya Rajneesh. He says ‘to be ordinary is the most extraordinary thing in the world’. Mediocrity, special, different, intelligence is the terms given by the society to unnecessary elevate a person. We are all humans, we all possess uniqueness; special is the wrong terminology to define the self.

A person is being praised, awarded and exemplified if he showcases his extra hidden talents to others. It is to understand that there is nothing wrong in showing our nature and character. But, when a person starts feeling great for his talent and character, he is trapped in the cage of ego. Ego drives self to the unending lists of more goals, new commitments and higher achievements. One must reach for higher goals but living the egoistic life is a wrong culture. Rajneesh says that man is sick and he cannot accept himself as he is. He continuously wants a change, he wants to be like everyone else. He sees happiness in being others. He forgets the real nature of self and starts pretending. He tries to be a hypocrite. He deceives others by boasting of his qualities and higher nature. He doesn’t realise that deceiving others is like deceiving self. As a result, Man who face inferiority complex and afraid of being lost in the race feels the need of pretending. He tries to be extra-ordinary; the retarded mediocre. The mediocre are the products of society and runs in the path trodden by the society. The mediocre is like a tree whose roots have been cut down. It sees himself growing up but in the real sense, he is only growing old. There is a continuous state of contradiction in us, what we are we don’t accept and what we are not we continuously practice to become. We are not in peace with us. The contradiction is the opposition of self which follows with continuous struggle, conflicts and loss of individualism. All desires are not permanent, we continuously want to be something other than what we are. We have umpteen numbers of goals arising on a daily basis. We are moving more towards power and position than happiness. From employee to manager, leader to entrepreneur, chief minister to Prime Minister, professor to scientists, our goals change continuously and we change ourselves to reach our goals. There is nothing wrong is reaching high. A man should look for a high state of being, but the problem is a loss of happiness. One is not happy with any achievements he procured. The aim to be extra-ordinary is spoiling our nature, and ruining our happiness. The ultimate solution to avoid being the victim of society is to be ordinary, humble, polite, and down to Earth. One should realise work is only the part and not the whole. Work should be done with full sincerity without caring for the results. The more good results we expect, the more we tend to be an egoist.
Ego is just like a soap bubble, it will reach high and burst one day. Mediocre always wants to be high, powerful, topper, achiever, leader of hierarchy- they stop rejoicing in their life and starts indulging in political games. The main issue of extra-ordinary is that they can’t accept anyone greater than them; they struggle hard to always stay on top.

They don’t want others to be a leader when they itself are leading. They don’t want others to achieve heights because this could take away their positions and roles.

The nature of being extra-ordinary has many evil outputs. The person who is ordinary takes life easily and enjoys the moment. They know very well that the world is temporary and all the achievements fade with time. There is nothing good to keep our ego and attitude in our personal character. One must try to live an ordinary life rather living in an illusion world of extra-ordinary.

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