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Finding Good in Impulsive Behavior- Moore Theory

Have you ever reacted weird without giving it a second thought? This may have occurred to many of us. And many of us may have felt uncomfortable for it. The important question arises, ‘Is there any goodness in our impulsiveness?’

To sort out this confusion, Let’s understand the qualities of good in a philosophical way.

G E Moore concepts of Good points out the uniqueness of the quality of Good. Good is a simple and indefinable quality. Just as we can’t explain the color red to anyone and so same goes for good. We can’t explain anyone what’s good and what’s not unless some object is specified.

“Good,’ then, if we mean by it that quality which we assert to belong to a
thing, which we say that the thing is good, is incapable of any definition.”

-G E Moore

The second step to judge a thing as good is consequences. If a certain action produces right consequence, then it’s good.

An act is right if and only if it produces more good than any other available action.

-G E Moore

Moore has distinguished between the two state of affairs- the good action and the right action. The good action is consequentially right. And the right action is one which produces more or better good.

The third step to judge goodness of an object is its ethical implication. If an action is ethically acceptable, then it’s good otherwise not.

Conclusively, there are three steps to judge the qualities of Good as per G E Moore-

  1. Nature of an object
  2. Consequence
  3. Ethical impacts

By understanding the concept of Good, we are in a stage of finding goodness in an impulsive behavior. The impulsive behavior, if had no negative consequences, then it’s good. But ethically it’s not right to behave unnaturally and so it’s not good. And if acting impulsively is not in my nature, and still I am acting such. Then, definitely it isn’t good.

By analyzing the impulsive behavior, we come to conclude that impulsive behavior lacks the qualities of goodness and is hazardous not only to our health but also to others.

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