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Release Burden of Responsibility

How often you feel like running away from all the responsibilities? You may say a multiple of times. Are there any solutions? No, we do have to obey our responsibilities.  We must follow our routines wisely and avoid missing any responsibilities. A responsibility defines our individuality. If we aren’t responsible, it’s like threatening our very own individuality.

Responsibility as a duty

Responsibility is an obligation to perform a task. The performances of tasks may be specified under some time frames.  Students are responsible for the preparation of their exams, professionals are responsible to achieve the target of business, defence officers are responsible for the security of Nation, and we are responsible for our health. See, responsibilities are there at every corner. Therefore, there is no scope to run away from responsibilities. We have to perform it as our duty.

Responsibility as a choice

It’s clear that responsibilities are to be performed as a duty. Everyone is dependent on one another in terms of responsibilities. You finish being responsible for others, and the other person would do the same. So, this whole world depends on one other. And if one person isn’t committed to responsibilities well, then it may harm another person. So, responsibility is a part of one’s life and we should complete those parts well. When we are routinely following responsibilities then it might be possible that it becomes a burden for us. We may feel bored by following same kinds of responsibility.

Here, I will tell you the best method to avoid calling responsibility as a burden.

When responsibility becomes a burden, then our life could be in trouble. We may not feel like doing some tasks, but we keep on doing because it’s our responsibilities. Responsibility should not become a barrier to our interests. Once we understand that responsibilities are not meant to scare us, but should give us pleasurable feeling. Then, we start liking whatever we do. We should choose our responsibilities well. Because when we have our favourite responsibilities with us, one of our own choice, then it is likely to happen that we will be out of the burden of responsibilities. To learn personal responsibility and understand how it could release burden, you could follow this article. Is Responsibility Scary?

Responsibility & Creativity

Dietrich Bonhoffer (1906 ~ 1945) wrote, “Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.”

Just try to be creative in the choices you make. Choose your lifestyles, education, career, partner so well that you may not feel obliged to perform the responsibilities. You must feel happy & delighted in performing your tasks. This may occur when you are a creative soul and kindle the light of your happiness in a manner of doing things differently. “Being creative is doing thing differently.”

Responsibility & freedom

So, you know responsibilities are important. But, if you haven’t understand till now then imagine your life free from any responsibility. Yes, you must be thinking about how wonderful life would be with no responsibilities.

But, I will show you the real world with no responsibilities. It would be a terror like situations all around as people would do whatever seems right. There would be no securities and it would be a great danger to our lives. You would need to stay alert 24/7. The food sectors would not be serious about producing food, and you may struggle to find your own food. There would not be any weather forecasting, and you may turn into a victim any-time. No doubt, there would be so much of pressures from all corners. You may be terrorized all the time. With no responsibilities, you may feel alright sometimes. But, “NO RESPONSIBILITY” could actually make your life havoc.

Try to understand the value of responsibilities, and choose your nicely. And so, you may not feel burden under the pressure of managing your “so many” responsibilities of life.

Conclusively, responsibility could either make you or break you, you are supposed to choose the best of responsibilities to live your life in a happy and positive way.

Stop Delaying; Start Doing

Simply defining, Procrastination is voluntarily delaying the tasks for a longer period of time. But, it could happen both intentionally and unintentionally. Intentionally, it is due to lack of moods, emotions & motivations and unintentionally because of the shortage of time.

Procrastination is considered as evil. It not only delays your tasks but makes you a habitual task avoider. You may not finish your tasks on time, you will wait for deadlines, and ultimately you will not commit 100% on your given tasks.

Why we Procrastinate our work? It is because we are not motivated to complete it. If we don’t have any motivations then we may not stick to it. And when we don’t stick to it, then there are lesser chances of completion of our work. Suppose we are motivated a bit, then it may happen that we are not setting the proper reminder to finish our tasks and we are completely diverted from our goals. Motivations should be inbound or continuous. Procrastination is like keeping a bad faith in our abilities. When we are given a task, we would feel under the wrong impressions of finishing tasks on last dates. As a result, we would not start working immediately, we would intentionally delay and give unlimited excuses. Somewhere in our mind, there might be a feeling that we are supposed to finish our tasks in so & so period of time. It means we are aware of our thing, but we like to delay voluntarily. The guilt feelings would shape into a regular habit. Conclusively, we would complete the tasks at the last moment. No doubt, we may finish it and at its best. But it may be possible that we would miss some important points related to our work and we wouldn’t revise or conclude it properly.

There is a reason why Greek Poet Hesiod says “not to put your work off till tomorrow and the day after.”

When people procrastinate, then there is a high level of stress on arriving deadlines. As a result, the personal well being gets affected and people would feel de-motivated and exhausted. The failure in setting priorities and regulating the daily tasks would impact negatively on our over-all behaviour. Procrastination is just a lack of seriousness. Once we start caring for what we do we may not procrastinate. Though procrastination is studied under the area of psychology and science, its impacts could be seen on philosophical concepts of virtue, ethics, judgements and the unmeasured consequences. The chances of being unethical would be high on an increased level of stress due to delay. No doubt, procrastination has an ill-effect and could be controlled by adopting ways to check our procrastination habits.

Scientifically. Procrastination is considered as a gap between intention and actions. People are intended towards completing a task but due to lack of proper drives, one may not feel committed to acting. A strong commitment to work would bring better results. And this strong level of commitment is achieved by stopping ourselves from procrastinating tasks.

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