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The skeptical approach in Free-thinking

Before we understand skepticism, we must know dogmatism which is just the opposite of the skeptical theories. Dogmatism is the belief which claims that no theories could be doubted or disputed. Any judgements is considered as a final, when it is announced by a trustworthy person.

Drawbacks of dogmatic views

The dogmatic views is giving a lots of troubles to the free thinking individuals. The opinions of the free thinkers are often neglected on the basis that it is wrong and novice.  The dogmatic views claims that they are cent percent true in their opinions and their opinions could not be rejected in any ways. This kind of beliefs is dangerous for the society. The society is getting moulded in the same dogmatic form and are not allowed to grow in a different & unique way.

Society problems identified

The  problems faced by the society are- inter-caste marriages, same-sex marriages, live-in relations, age-difference marriages, divorcee marriages, legal abortions, etc.

The dogmatic views strictly rejects the rightness of the above mentioned problems. According to them, marriages are pure union between the two opposite partners. The purity of union depends on some conditions. These conditions like partners castes, communites, gunas,gender, age, mental conditions, etc. In this, some conditions could be accepted, but some conditions seems totally insane.

We need to change our dogmatic views to deal with the on-going problems of the society and to accept various latest trends. Suppose for a second, if dogmatic views are vanished completely then various problems would automatically be solved- the inter castes, same sex marriages and legal abortions would be allowed and accepted easily. Just because of the dogmatic views, this trending thing is facing many barriers to become transparent in society.

Philosophical approach- skepticism

Getting solutions to any problems is the first job of philosophy. If phiosophical views are problematic to society, then it also has got solutions for the same problem. Yes, solution is right here in skeptical thinkings.

Let’s understand the meaning of skepticism. Skepticism is the belief that there is no certainty in human knowledge. Everything can be doubted and could be proved wrong.  Skepticism could also be called as the intellectual therapies for those affected by the dogmatic beliefs. Skeptics are the radical doubters. They claim that they don’t know anything in this world. Everything is unknown to them. Through the medium of right sense and thinking, they could explore the things out.

According to skepticism, we should have a good reason to accept knowledge rather take it for granted.

To look further, Descartes method of inquiry has a proper system to seek truth in science. “It is because others believe it as true, and so do I” makes no sense. The right method is to explore the reasons for the truthness of an opinion. Once we have verified a problem by the use of our own senses, then we could easily accept a theory.

Descartes Method of inquiry

“Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum” – “I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am”

The method of obtaining knowledge through a systematic doubts as well as right testing would be the appropriate way to accept the latest trending social problems.

Suppose the dogmatic people stop accepting the old beliefs, and start self -judgements about the latest social problems. In such conditions, many problems would be sorted out and the society would start implementing new changes. The developement of the society is directly proportional to the continuous changes and progress. As per the demands of its people, the society should adapt the changes.

To conclude, our beliefs should not depend on the dogmatic stance rather it should be well verified by our own thinking. Whatever things sounds stable in a large number, should be given a legal validations and should be accepted by the people.

Some quotations which would strengthen our Skeptic stance

David Hume, British Empiricists, “A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence.”

Marcello Truzzi “Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary proofs.”

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