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Jiddu Krishnamurti Life wisdom

J Krishnamurti is regarded globally as the greatest thinker, philosopher and spiritual leader of 20th century. He was the man who stressed upon living a life of passion. He was clear in his thoughts which is very well reflected in his talks. He was an intuitive thinker who speaks what he believe to be true.

The thoughts of Krishnamurti is a kind of Therapy. Each words make sense and reflects reality. Each word is direct and intended straightly towards reader or listener.

He was mostly concerned for living freedom and experiencing transformation. According to him, this society is already corrupt and turning hollow from deep inside. In such situations, the revolution must begin in Human psyche. The inner world of each of us should have an eagerness to get transformed or change for better. It is of great urgency.

The Education is the step for all round development. But, what to do if Educational system itself needed to be developed? As per Krishnamurti, Education should be open- minded where students understand themselves and get relaxed from all anxiety & stress. In Bhagavad Gita too, it is interpreted to take life as a game and yourself as a player. If you enjoy the game, you win. And if you don’t enjoy, you lose twice (Losing life itself as well as not realizing its worth).

According to professor Fr. Lancy Prabhu, ‘When you do what you love to do, it becomes your Vocation.’

Imagine enjoying your tight scheduled work, experimenting with creativity and progressing to better self. Isn’t it sounds great?

Realizing self or Knowing thyself means a lot. The meaning of self-actualization is understanding, knowing inner world and reflecting the same in your outer expressions. The passion is called as a path towards energy and enthusiasm. When you take pain in living the life of passion, then your every journey turns into a blissful story.

J Krishnamurti says, “In case you are capable for something, but not interested passionately, then it is a mediocre rather excellence.”

It’s time to decide your life definition- mediocre or excellence! All depends on your choice.

Taken from the Guest Lecture by Professor Fr. Lancy Prabhu (Director:Retreat house: Center for spirituality and dialogue, Bandra)

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