A right sense of achievement!

I came across a girl who was crying continuously for half an hour. On finding the reason I was almost shocked. Her results were out and she scored 99.9% of marks and still, she was crying because she missed some 0.1% of her target. I started wondering about the reason people misinterpret happiness. Is happiness real or turned into a big joke?

Generally, Happiness means the state of contentment or fulfilment. It’s a feeling of inner satisfaction with the achievement of a task or target. Thinking logically, the real definition of happiness should be enjoyed in the process of initiation or completion of a task, it should be an excitement for the doing of activity, it should be a motivation to stick to the task at all cost, it should be a zeal to stay focused for the sake of enriching the values of life.

On the contrary, all we prefer is final results. People are so worried about results that they stop enjoying and feeling a sense of fulfilment in the step-wise completion of a task. They forget about the pains, learnings, excitement in the taking of small steps. I have realized that the criteria for celebrating life are very limited. One doesn’t feel like a celebration at all because the final marks are low than the assumed targets or due to facing failure at the final stage. All these have made me think and write something serious about the sense of achievement. If I tell you that happiness in the results is for very less moment and happiness in the process is more. Would you still prefer to cry after the failure in reaching goals?

Achievements, according to my perspective, is a sense of fulfilment in the processes than the final results. It may be true that the failure could incur a big loss, but why do we forget the learnings we collected throughout the process? Why do we just leave behind the satisfaction we felt each night studying hard for exams or why do we feel disappointed for the cause that we worked hard and enhanced our skills? Is happiness is just to cross a line or is it gratification in reaching up to the line? Happiness is such a vast philosophy that we must not limit its sense. Obviously, disappointment for the cause of non-achievement is probable. But disappointment to the cause of non-satisfaction with life is sickness. Happiness is a set of unlimited stages. To this, failure could be linked to the missing one or two criteria for reaching success. It doesn’t mean feeling stupid, sick or nothingness within. It is perhaps the fact that some knowledge is lacking which could be fulfilled by applying more focus, attention and intention to the cause. The judging of our worth should never be based upon the limitations in achievements. The sense of fulfilment should always be maintained well whether the targeted factors are achieved or not.

I would just say that WE SHOULD STOP JUDGING OURSELVES. It is mostly observed that before anyone judges us, we ourselves start providing judgments. This could lead to fading of the reasons for happiness. The best solution is to set our judgments rights no matter what others say. This would always make us feel proud and strong in the targets we achieved or not.

Do success smile & Failure laugh?

“Yes, I am successful in life and so people follow me, take my advice, appreciate my works, and try to be my friends.” They try to please me and make long lasting relations with me. They assure me of any help in my bad times. And they count their name as my well-wishers. My attitude is nice and so people stick around me.

Now look down! Yes! Towards Failure!

“But, before this successful life, I was a complete failure. I remember how people would use to avoid me. My nice personality and well manners won’t please them. They won’t ask for my advice on anything. They feel unlucky to be my friend. They never invited me to parties. I was a total shame in society.”

Are you also a victim of such situations? Do you feel sick for people’s changing attitudes? If so, read on, and get a wonderful pack of advice on ‘how to maintain your cool in every situation?’

We are successful by our luck, chance, opportunities, hard work, and situations. And we are a failure by our mistakes, hopeless nature, demotivation, lack of guidance, no opportunities, procrastinations, unanalysed risks and laziness.

Our life brings us both- an awarded success and degraded failure. It is up to us how we balance both. If success smiles, then smile back. If failures laugh, then laugh along. Don’t take too much stress for anything. Everything is a part of life. And not a part of you. Success or failure can’t define you. There are a lot of things that should be important for you and which should make you happy and proud. Let me briefly define such things to you.

Hope for reasons

Be hopeful because you have bountiful friends, supporting families, understanding partners, amazing opportunities, sound health, and good memories. Apart from this, follow the best things in your life.

  • Eat well.
  • Sleep sound.
  • Drink merrily.
  • Study good books.
  • Keep learning.
  • Stay hydrated. Stay fit.
  • Be positive & creative.
  • Never stop dreaming.
  • Love yourself.
  • Travel around.
  • Stay authentic.

This is the right way to style your life. This is the method to live strong. Adopt the best of living techniques and see your attitude saying Howdy! to everyone. ‘To the smiling success and to the laughing failure.’

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