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Business Ethics- ‘Redefining’

Most of us are clueless about the world of ‘Direct selling’. Even I had no practical experiences of this field until I encountered one in reality. Because the experiences were bad and so, I thought of writing on it. Notably, the customers should have awareness and the business owners must stay ethically right.

Let’s Know about Direct-selling..

Direct selling is the process where individual salesmen reach out to a person directly, which is away from a fixed retail store. It means you aren’t going to stores, but the store is coming to you. Yes, a whole list of products would come to you through the means of direct selling. It also includes the products you don’t need in reality. Also, some service is of no real worth to you.

Direct selling services

The direct selling could be home to home service, one-on-one, public hunting, family-relations, friends sharing, a stranger’s approach, customers chase or online sales.

Direct selling- How it works?

1. Pyramid scheme– These are the business schemes that will promise you to gain huge money with little or no efforts.

2. Company will ask for a large amount of money as an investment and sell you the products or services which isn’t meant for you.

3. This company will hire you as a representative and will make you work for their own advantages.

4. The pyramid scheme is also a kind of networking business where you get a bonus on enlisting a new selling agent.

Suppose you added an X agent in the world of direct-selling. When X would bring some other Y agent. Then, X agent and you yourself will earn the bonus. And this process will go on for a long duration.

Direct selling- A trap?

This process doesn’t seem to be interested in selling product but selling customers.

I heard the company tagline which says “customer as a product”. I can’t say intention. But the selling of customers as a product is insane.

It spoils the whole motto of business. A real business means selling some useful products or services so that both the seller & consumers are happy and satisfied. But nowadays, the whole definition of business is ruined. Today, the business owner only sees their profits no matter whether or not the material they are selling is useful. They aren’t even hesitant to use customers’ profiles for making profits.

Such kind of business is a black spot to business ethics.

I won’t say that direct selling should be restricted because they are selling inappropriate items. Obviously, it is an obligation of the consumer to see what they are buying and where they are investing money.

“Direct selling is bringing a massive revenue to the country and it is a good choice.”

But, when the process of direct selling takes advantage of a person innocence, ignorance, illiteracy, family sentiments, friendships, and other relations of importance then it’s going the wrong way.

Sellers- Mind it Please

Selling at the level of annoying a person is really not useful. A seller should understand the situation in which he is selling his products.

1. If a person isn’t interested in buying, then he shouldn’t be forced.

2. Direct selling shouldn’t condition a person into buying a product. It should be a free-flowing business.

3. Direct selling should not come between friendship, relations, family and child. One cannot say that as a family member one should be added to a direct selling process. The family should be kept at one side and business at the other.

4. Direct selling doesn’t mean that if a person is not buying then you shouldn’t maintain the relations with him/ her.

5. Buying is a choice in which a person should involve freely without any influence or force.

Direct selling – Make it a real Business

If you ever wish to be in direct selling, then first ask yourself a question, “Are you really eager to invest your time, money and efforts into making business through direct selling?

For direct selling, you have to place product orders, attend training sessions, reach to distributors and do many other business-related tasks. For all this, you are either paid or not paid.

  • Before joining any direct selling company, check out if it is involved in scams or complaint lists.
  • Be sure of the company’s compensation plans and return policy.

Direct selling could be a boon to customers and business parties, only if the actions are initiated freely. Forcing a person into some wrong investment is a crime. If you are aware of scams, then guide a person about it.

If you are a victim of direct selling, then you can file a complaint and could spread awareness of same.

Business Ethics

Any kind of business is good when it is ethically right. Ethically right means it is conducted freely and with no persuasion, pressure, wrong intentions, false claims, dissatisfaction, disagreement, and unwillingness.

The ethically right business should have certain characteristics & values like:

Honesty, Integrity, Promise-keeping & trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, others-concern, legally right, commitment to excellence, accountability, and morality.

Conclusively, don’t be afraid of direct-sellings, if it suits you then make it your business part and if no, then stay away from getting trapped.

If you have any suggestions, then please feel free to comment. Thanks for being a dedicated reader.

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