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This Time will pass too!

This article is for all those who are feeling negativity around, hearing death numbers, watching distressed people out there, thinking for universal wellness, learning about the days when things were good and stress-free. To all of those people, just sit tight in your seat and remember that life is a roller coaster, and right now we are plummeting in altitude, so we are experiencing pain, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, distress, and unhappiness. This is the moment we don’t want to see, so we’ve closed our eyes as we go towards the uneven path of life. Once we cross all the dangers around, life will become better. And so just experience it once, or you could either shut your eyes, and be in your own zone, praying for Universal wellbeing, and you will see the moment will pass soon.

God is not so mean. It is testing us so we could evolve into a better being. We are facing all such hard circumstances as a reminder to the fact that we aren’t yet prepared to face the worst in future. Sufferings are part of life, Buddha says. As a condition, we should not be fearful of the sufferings we are facing. When a big tide comes crashing down on a beach, those who are standing closer to the water’s edge are washed across first, followed by those who are sitting and relaxing on the beach benches. And today also, person who are outside, and very close to dangers around, are falling victim earlier. Anyway, it’s not their fault. They are carrying out their responsibilities to ensure that everyone is safe at home, that economic resources are handled, that food is produced, that mobility for those in need is possible, that people are healed sooner, and that the world is managed.

It’s a tribute to all people who gave up their time, strength, peace of mind, and even life, so that other humans could be protected against the evil around. We assure all such brave hearts that their sacrifice would not go waste. Now people have understood the urgency of current situation. And they won’t do anything which would trigger the severity of conditions. With this message, I would end up this article, and would ask you to just think of the toughest exams, emotional breakups, climate disasters, floods, poverty, and so on. How quickly it passed into some other moment of happiness or pride, satisfaction or frustration, vacation or struggles, and so forth. So, everybody, just close your eyes and say, “This time, too, will pass!” with absolute confidence, belief, and unending trust in ultimate being.

Valentine’s Day Secret

Undeniably, February is the most awaited & very special month of year 2019. You might be going crazy as there are days arranged chronologically for rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, a lot more & the ultimate valentine’s day.

Why this most celebrated Western culture has been accepted & embraced in Eastern region? Why all over the world location like US, Canada, Australia, France, South Korea, China & India, people are geared up for this sweet celebration?

Ofcourse, there is celebration of love, fertility, victory, togetherness, bravery, courtesy, emotions and happiness. And, what else?

Curiosity was turning me restless. Therefore, I searched this secrets in depth and found the relevance of this day. But, this is no longer a secret as I am revealing it by here only. So hold on wherever you are, you will be amazed, alarmed, concerned, horrified but ultimately you will feel happy & high spirited.

Let’s begin. So, there was a prisoner named valentine who use to love a jailers daughter and would send her greetings with a note ‘From your valentine’ at the end. One day this person was caught and punished harshly. This was distressing. From that era to this, any cold aftermath of true love would sometimes bring tears to our eyes.

The other story reveals that there was a priest named valentine who will unite young boys & girls and secretly do their marriages. This is ultimate bravery I guess. During that period, emperor Claudius II Gothicus would believe that he will lose army strength when his people would turn into a lover and would marry. So he was against marriage, as a result, he discovered saint valentine’s secret wedding mission and furiously announced him death sentence.

Again a tragic end. But people are always smart and they know the right & wrong. Conclusively, they honoured Saint valentine doings and declared him a martyr. On his death anniversary, they started celebrating love or romance by sharing gifts, writing poetry or shayri, arranging perfect date, and expressing their best feelings to loved ones.

Some says this two persons are no different but two different life event of Saint valentine. Whatever it may be, both story dedicates love, bravery and truly inspires us.

You will be surprised to know that the month of February is Mass wedding season in Philippines. You can’t imagine hundreds of people gathering at one place to tie knots and get married.

I would be glad if young ones are taught about this valentine’s day & its historical significance in schools. This 14th century festival of Christianity is popular among all regions. Moreover, love God ‘cupid’ is used so many times in drama, fiction, fairy tales and our daily talks.

Everyone loves celebration, unity, laughter, gossips and fun. What’s wrong with people who separates the lover and involve in crimes of assault, rape, bashing, beating,hatred,murder & honour killings? Why we can’t accept the things as it is?

I really appreciate the bold steps people take & face the world- every type of love is special; no matter if it is gay love, lesbian,transgender, differently abled or difference in age. Love is the universal right and no one should be excluded or forbidden.

One should remember this always, ‘whoever doesn’t love, doesn’t know God, for God is love.’

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