“Philosophy is search for truth, inquiries into popular ideas, and the smarter way of exploring life.

Why Philosophy?

-You know the reality.
-You find your deepest truth.
-Form your own perspectives on life.
-Develop thinking skills.
-Follow your passion.
-Become unbiased being.
-Know the greatest Thinkers.
-Examine different theories.
– Become more conscious towards Self.

The Thinker, French Le Penseur, sculpture of a pensive nude male by French artist Auguste Rodin, one of his most well-known works.

How could you start learning Philosophy?

You could start philosophy with a regular practice of productive thinking.

After that, you could start reading philosophical theories, concepts, and discuss ideas.

You could make comparison on subjects, form judgements, deconstruct old ideas, and start ahead with fresh learning on everything.

In all these, you could enroll yourself in philosophical institutes and achieve diploma.

After attaining good background, you could graduate in philosophy, and then move towards the higher level of Masters and Doctorate.

Philosophy is never an end, it’s a transformation into new beginning.

After Philosophy=WHAT?

-Have opinion on everything.
-Develop your ideas and be an innovator & leader.
-Help others to come out of any problems.
-Create a peaceful place of living for everyone around.
-Be an Academic philosopher.
-Participate in intellectual discussions.
-Publish book.
-Start a social organization or an academic institute.


Today everyone is talking philosophy. And we see that the concept in Philosophy is turning well defined, properly explored, and systematically structured. Surprisingly, it has become a way too Academic. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Philosophy is a way of everyone’s life, and every one has its own way of philosophizing.

Here you will explore various dimensions of philosophy, develop your thinking, know your existence, participate in discussions, and achieve your personal style of philosophizing.

Here you will discover your unique ways after knowing popular philosophy & theoretical concepts. I know the journey would be difficult at the beginning. But, with every passing days you will realize the worth of every steps you took.

Happy Philosophizing!

Here is the List of popular articles. Enjoy Reading! And Don’t forget to comment so that we know your ideas too.

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