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Philosophy Group Discussions

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Topic- How philosophy may console individuals during personal crisis?

Book to discuss- “The Consolations of Philosophy” Author- Alain De Botton

Philosophers- Socrates, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche.

Starting on April month.

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Call for Papers: Special issue on Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo — Philosophy News in India

Celebrating 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo Call for Papers Respected Faculty/Scholar,  The year-long celebration to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo begun from 15 August, 2020 in India and all over the world. The Centre has also an intention to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo by various activities including essay […]

Call for Papers: Special issue on Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo — Philosophy News in India

GIAN course on ‘The Advaita Vedanta Tradition and the Possibilities for a Hindu Theology of Liberation’  — Philosophy News in India

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is organizing an online GIAN course on ‘The Advaita Vedanta Tradition and the Possibilities for a Hindu Theology of Liberation’ from 25th to 29th April 2022.  Prof. Anantanand Rambachan, Saint Olaf College, Minnesota, USA will be the lead faculty. Interested candidates can fill the google form for which the link is below Last date for […]

GIAN course on ‘The Advaita Vedanta Tradition and the Possibilities for a Hindu Theology of Liberation’  — Philosophy News in India

See the False as False and Follow Your Nature – Osho

Sat Sangha Salon

Truth is. It needs no effort on your part to invent it. Truth has to be discovered, not invented. And what is hindering us from discovering it? We have been taught many lies, mountains of lies. Those are the barriers which go on falsifying the truth, which do not allow our hearts to reflect that which is.

Truth is not a logical conclusion. Truth is existence, reality. It is already here — it has always been here. Only truth exists. Then why cannot we find it? How do we manage not to find it? Because from the very childhood we are taught falsities, prejudices, ideologies, religions, philosophies . . . all lead you astray.

Truth is not an idea. You need not be a Hindu to know it, or a Mohammedan, or a Christian. If you are a Hindu you will never know it; your very being a Hindu will…

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Financial Literacy as a growing source of Happiness

When I started thinking on this, I believed that the definition of happiness is free of unhappiness. Now let’s think on the conditions which could make us unhappy or stressful or anxious. Think of your day from Start to End– what are the areas where you feel happiness is fading away? Let me say! It might be your favourite food on the menu list; but a lesser zero in your money wallet; and it might be your dream car selling on huge discount; but you have left limited savings; and it might be the family emergency; but no fixed deposits. This is very limited example- perhaps, there are many areas where we feel dire shortage of money. What we do in such situations? Do we feel stressed out? Do we feel anxious? Do we feel like our stars are not right? Do we feel hesitate to shout help? If yes, then shall we consider it the reason for our unhappiness? If you think what I am writing here makes sense, then go on reading further, you may discover some tips to check on your happiness.

To know what could be the cause of our unhappiness, let’s check on its reason. Well! Lack of financial management is one of the strongest reason a person could feel unhappy. To define Financial Literacy, it is the basic understanding of finance management, earning checks, budgeting, savings, investments, financial stability, development, and inclusion. Although it sounds quite technical, it takes just your interest to know all this. One may say; they have got enough earnings and they are particularly not interested to put their hard earnings for the cause of future unpredictability’s. One could also say that when they try focusing on the earnings, the future liabilities would automatically be taken care of.

In all these, I would just ask you a simple question, ‘Is it wrong to secure your future?’ Even if you agree that nothing wrong could occur to you, you are not sure about the wrong things happening to others or your close relatives and friends. In such scenarios, don’t you feel to have burden of responsibility to super secure your future as well of people around you. If you feel I am not talking insane, you could go on reading further. The reason is I could be at wrong to understand the rare conditions. However, I am suitably right for the universally growing needs which people are facing today.

The basic argument is problem couldn’t be ignored just because one half of society is easily managing their life with their stable income. Here we have to consider the other halves too, which feels the need for immediate help. Thus, redefining happiness would be to check the cause of your unhappiness as well as the unhappiness of others. And so, I covered the reason for unhappiness, the problems of future happiness, and the present responsibility to secure happiness of yourself as well as others. In terms of relationship management, we could make our constant efforts to keep the network strong but in the case of money management, we need to use our wit to act smartly to deal with the unknown factors.

To summarise, Financial literacy is a serious subject of study. It is because one should have an appropriate understanding of their finances and their effective use. It is clear that we are earning not just to survive but to discover our potentialities and give it a truer meaning. Therefore, financial literacy is the source which generate an abundance meaning to your cause of earning which in sense assist you in managing the reason for your unhappiness.

Thus, read magazines, watch news, observe videos- make all kinds of efforts to understand your financial system and keep updating it with the growing trends.
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The Aim of Philosophy

Phrase Explained

Have you ever observed a fly trapped in a bottle? What does it do there? It will travel round, may be for two or three times, and then quietly sit at the surface to revive its lost energy. When you observe the fly for quite sometime, you will realize that it ends up its life without finding the way out. Now as a true human observing that desperate poor being, do you feel like helping it out? Do you see it as meaningful to show the fly the way out. Otherwise, you are such human who doesn’t care who-so-ever is falling victim of its destiny. If you are the first one, then the philosophy by Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein would be of your help.

Who is Ludwig Wittgenstein?
To say in brief, Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. He was not a celebrated philosopher during his decade and perhaps, he would say,

I feel I am writing for people who would think in a different way, breathe a different air of life, from that of a present day men.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Well! the reason for which he was saying so is because he was formulating the advance philosophy during the time which was in dire need of simplest understandings. Thus, Wittgenstein philosophy is valuable for present day students who would like to explore the objectives of studying philosophy.

Fly and Bottle Vs Humans and Physical world
To understand the metaphorical term, “fly” and the “bottle”, we would be relating it to humanity and its problems of the physical world. The bottle signifies the limited physical world that has failed multiple times to provide valid reasons for our intellectual inquisitiveness. The study of limited world has helped very less to find the sufficient reasons for the purpose of our existence. Therefore, there is a high need to look beyond our limitations to reach to the aspects of truths. Now if humans are ‘fly’, and in case, they are trapped in their limited space and time, then who is going to show them the right path to come out of this circumstance. According to Wittgenstein, only the philosophers could show humans the right path with their Metaphysical quest and Epistemological stance. This presents the true meaning of philosophy which is suitable for exploring the truth by meaningful inquiry and effective dialogues.

Why Philosophers should Philosophize?
This should not a question for you; but a clear answer that philosophers should initiate such philosophies because humans won’t remain trapped inside their comforting physical world. One may reach to the cause, and look for the origin of existence. One may understand the core to get a link to the on-going natural laws, and one may find its source of need fulfilment and know the reasons for its growing line.

Showing the right way to people, in a more benefiting terms, could also be classified as counseling. Counseling is the way to find solution to a problem. It is the method to reach to the problem source to find the solution. We regularly need philosophical and psychological counselors because we need to look at the problems with universal outlook rather than individual perspectives. Individually, we won’t reach at the roots of problems but universally we could study its all-round perspectives. There could be other factors to look for counselors that you shouldn’t feel biased for your problems and examine it with understanding its entire hope and scope. Like counseling, there are the treatments which could made you heal inside-out. The role of therapists in leading you to the other world of knowledge couldn’t be neglected. They light the lamp to your world of darkness or they help you to find your own light within.

Knowing or absorbing what others have is always fruitful. You might say that you are experienced personality and you don’t require anyone’s advice on the matter. However, you are nourishing your inner ego in this process which is restricting your way to achieve more out of this world. Therefore, to know more we should very well try our level best to nourish the inner self by providing the additional elements available outside. The additions could enlarge your vision and would help in all possible ways to discover way out of this trap of physical world.

At the last, I would just say that Wittgenstein idea is not at all crazy. It is the approach to look beyond our visible path. It is taking the available advices to make our life better. It is to trust the knowledge provided by the researchers and get understanding from their experiences. Thus, showing the fly the way out of bottle is something only an authentic philosophers could look ahead for.

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International webinar Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy on 9th September at 4 pm IST

INTERNATIONAL WEBINAR on ‘Artistic transcendence from beauty to faith – Relevance of Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy”  & launch of virtual exhibition “A Selective exposition on Ananda K Coomaraswamy collection of Cultural Archives IGNCA” 

Date: Sep 9, 2021 04:00-07:00 PM India time

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please feel free to circulate it to your contacts and those interested in attending it. Up to 1000 participants can join on zoom. Besides it will also be live on IGNCA Facebook live.

I would be speaking on “Coomaraswamy’s Existential reflection on the idea of Beauty” from 6.10 PM to 6.30 PM . Kindly join the program! For any queries, feel free to contact me.

Madhvi Prasad
PhD Scholar, University of Mumbai

Happiness index and its efficiency

What is happiness?

Generally, happiness is the perception of human being towards the quality of life. Happiness depends on multiple factors which varies from person to person. The context of this article is to explore happiness and multiple factors benefiting individual as a whole.

Cause of happiness

Physical satisfaction: Adjustment to climate, surroundings, and individual living conditions.

Needs fulfillment (both primary & secondary): Primary as hunger, thirst, shelter, sex. Secondary as education, achievement, profession, business, social support, family background, motivation, etc.  

Goal accomplishment: includes both short term goal and long-term goal.  

Good social connection: friends circle, peer groups, social media activity.  

Supportive family: family cooperation in education, career and life partners.   

Emotional wellbeing: emotionally satisfied and not affected by any mental and psychological disorders.  

Growth of conscience: ability to choose between right and wrong.  

Correlation of happiness with wealth

Happiness doesn’t depend on wealth. People nowadays accumulate a large amount of wealth and still feel empty from inside-out. It is a common belief that desires are met when the money source is accurate. In real world, money can’t buy happiness. It could only help to reach the stage of happiness. The real happiness is the state of mind.

Happiness and meaning of life

Life could be enjoyed only when it is well understood. The life definitions by others couldn’t help to secure a good life. It is only by the self-effort that a true meaning of life is explored. Meaning of life is determined by individual’s mentality, attitude, expressions and values it denotes to other beings. The factor of stable life is achieved when a person is fulfilled in his achievements and maintain a proper balance in between needs and desires.

Happiness and needs

A minimalist with least needs could be happier than a materialist with excess of needs. The idea is very clear- needs doesn’t determine happiness. Needs only keep you well composed and not well disposed. To be inclined well in life, one needs to throw the unnecessary likeliness towards the outer pleasure. In case, the inner pleasure is given value than a person is both happy and satisfied.

Happiness and values

Inner happiness results into morality, morality results into conscience, conscience results into good thoughts, good thoughts result into resourceful action, and action brings fruitful result. We see happiness creates a chain of goodness. The values of truth, morality, justice is always complementary to happiness.

key variables of a happiness index

GDP per capita: The wealth of a country is related to its happiness index.

Social support: it is defined by responsiveness of people to help someone in problems.  

Healthy life expectancy: Average number of happy years a child is expected to live.

Health infrastructure: In a situation of pandemic, the most important worry for people is a proper health infrastructure provided by their country. Health providing resources should be abundant in a country to help its citizens in timely needs.  

Freedom to make life choices: Are you satisfied with the daily choices you make in your life? Freedom to choose make sure that you are responsible for your choices and not dependent on others.

Generosity: It is measured by people’s interest in charity and support.  

Perceptions of corruption: It is determined by depths of corruption rooted in a country.  

Unexplained happiness: other endless causes for happiness like people interest, fashion, lifestyles, music choice, connectivity, welfare.  

Other factors to explain happiness index

Sustainability– It is the factor which gives attention to future needs and manage consumption statistics of present days.

 Risk analysis and management– we need to calculate the future risks and show preparedness. Like disaster management, health insurance, accident insurance, and other safety causes.   

Dignity of labor– Each work is important and each carries equal values. The cleaning staffs, mining workers, construction staffs need to be treated according to labor laws. They are liable for the fair treatments, paid holidays, sick leave, adequate and timely wages.  

Trust & Cooperation– we need to trust our neighbors and cooperate well with the surrounding developmental activities.

Stress management– Stress is the main cause for unhappiness. When one could manage to reduce stress in life, the happiness factors would automatically reach high.

Changing mentality– We need to change our mentality and cultivate the values of acceptance and love.

Generating awareness– one needs to keep pace with the world by being aware on different issues of life.  

Happiness in profession– we should be happy and satisfied in the work we choose for living. It doesn’t matter how much we are earning in a particular work. The thing which really matters is we are enjoying the work processes or not.

Deconstruction of old values– As we step in future, we should drop down some of the values of past so as to accept the newest and healthiest values of future.

Non-judgement in appearance– when we judge others based on appearance, we miss the real values which defines a person.

Spirituality– the cultivation of spirituality within could give effective results to achieve inner happiness.

There are numerous approaches for calculating the happiness index. Drop your own suggestions in the comments area so that we could create a comprehensive lists for the calculative theory of happiness index.

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