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Financial Literacy as a growing source of Happiness

When I started thinking on this, I believed that the definition of happiness is free of unhappiness. Now let’s think on the conditions which could make us unhappy or stressful or anxious. Think of your day from Start to End– what are the areas where you feel happiness is fading away? Let me say! It might be your favourite food on the menu list; but a lesser zero in your money wallet; and it might be your dream car selling on huge discount; but you have left limited savings; and it might be the family emergency; but no fixed deposits. This is very limited example- perhaps, there are many areas where we feel dire shortage of money. What we do in such situations? Do we feel stressed out? Do we feel anxious? Do we feel like our stars are not right? Do we feel hesitate to shout help? If yes, then shall we consider it the reason for our unhappiness? If you think what I am writing here makes sense, then go on reading further, you may discover some tips to check on your happiness.

To know what could be the cause of our unhappiness, let’s check on its reason. Well! Lack of financial management is one of the strongest reason a person could feel unhappy. To define Financial Literacy, it is the basic understanding of finance management, earning checks, budgeting, savings, investments, financial stability, development, and inclusion. Although it sounds quite technical, it takes just your interest to know all this. One may say; they have got enough earnings and they are particularly not interested to put their hard earnings for the cause of future unpredictability’s. One could also say that when they try focusing on the earnings, the future liabilities would automatically be taken care of.

In all these, I would just ask you a simple question, ‘Is it wrong to secure your future?’ Even if you agree that nothing wrong could occur to you, you are not sure about the wrong things happening to others or your close relatives and friends. In such scenarios, don’t you feel to have burden of responsibility to super secure your future as well of people around you. If you feel I am not talking insane, you could go on reading further. The reason is I could be at wrong to understand the rare conditions. However, I am suitably right for the universally growing needs which people are facing today.

The basic argument is problem couldn’t be ignored just because one half of society is easily managing their life with their stable income. Here we have to consider the other halves too, which feels the need for immediate help. Thus, redefining happiness would be to check the cause of your unhappiness as well as the unhappiness of others. And so, I covered the reason for unhappiness, the problems of future happiness, and the present responsibility to secure happiness of yourself as well as others. In terms of relationship management, we could make our constant efforts to keep the network strong but in the case of money management, we need to use our wit to act smartly to deal with the unknown factors.

To summarise, Financial literacy is a serious subject of study. It is because one should have an appropriate understanding of their finances and their effective use. It is clear that we are earning not just to survive but to discover our potentialities and give it a truer meaning. Therefore, financial literacy is the source which generate an abundance meaning to your cause of earning which in sense assist you in managing the reason for your unhappiness.

Thus, read magazines, watch news, observe videos- make all kinds of efforts to understand your financial system and keep updating it with the growing trends.
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Addiction- a habit or disease?

Before I leave my house, I always prefer to double check my bedroom switches and gas appliances to be off or not. I know it’s good to be sure for anything. But returning to room while stepping outside is something not everyone does. It has become a sort of addiction to me. When I closely examine all these, I feel it’s something more than addiction- and so closer to disease. Here, I am going to make a slight difference in meaning of both addiction and disease. I would be making a clear statement on ‘what is addiction?’ and ‘what is disease?’, and how we could be aware of not being diseased.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a surplus amount of your energy spend on unwanted tasks which has no good for your personal growth. Perhaps, addictions could act as a barrier to your growth. It could challenge your natural inclinations towards life and could divert your will towards unnecessary selections. For example- You want to wake up early and practice morning walk but you couldn’t do so, because you spend your night time by being glued to your phone screen. Addictions are intentional clogging to your mental abilities. It stops your abilities to discern between right and wrong. However, addictions could also be your choice in life. It could be your routine or the way you would like to spend your life. It could be your happiness and the reason to live. It could be your favourite habits and patterns of living. Addictions, sometimes, become so well settled that they could leave no space in between your actual self and personal identity. For example, a youtuber addicted to its passion may rarely find his time outside his blogging world. In such situations, you would like to forcefully impose the substance of addiction to be available to you at the space and time you desire.

How addictions turns into a disease?

In case, your inclinations could not work independently to your substance of addictions, then it turns into a disease. For instance, if you couldn’t pass your day without encountering your addicted stuff, then you are most likely to feel hopeless and useless. There is a very thin line between addictions as a habit or disease. In the case of habit, it sometimes feels alright to miss your habit for a day or twice. In the case of being used to daily sips of coffee, you would be unlikely to be called addicted (in the sense of disease) on switching sometimes to tea or juice. Addiction is a habit if you do it regularly. On the other hand, your addictions become your disease if you “necessarily” or “compulsorily” do it regularly. The concepts of “necessity” could change definitions of habits from addictions to disease. The concept of necessity brings an impositions to your actions. To avoid impositions, it’s alright if you miss some rigid patterns of living.

Addiction is fine to a certain limit

Let’s examine an area from our life when we feel fine to be addicted. Some people are an achiever in their life, achievement lies in their nerves. They are called addicted to success and achievements. They could not digest failures. They have a clear vision on how to keep achieving heights and they do keep proper track of it. There are other groups of people who are addicted to challenges in life. They will do super daring things to feel a kick beneath their core. They are the groups of people who love taking challenges and risks. They play deadly games with their life because they feel they have a hunger for it. I would mention the other kinds of addictions where curiosity drives a person to achieve an intellectual operation. Such people are addicted to inspecting the theories, the contraries, and the unending phenomenon of life. 

Now the three addictions I mentioned here looks normal. Isn’t it? It may seem absolutely fine to be an extraordinary achiever, a courageous and daring personality, and a bookworm in life. All this appears as a normal habit or a pattern of living. There might not be an issue for anyone to encounter such lists of people in their lives. Many of our friends or relatives might be under such categories and we feel absolutely right to interact with them.

Crossing limits of addictions turns into disease

Now let’s turn the table down. Suppose our achiever starts engaging in foul play to the cause of winning the race. Secondly, the die-hard challenge-seeker starts breaking the laws by exceeding the speed limits of his vehicle, and our intellectual genius starts skipping the diets for the fear of missing the focus of his ongoing research. These three members start altering the normal behaviour to the unmeasurable dimensions sounding closer to the term disease or sickness. On the way of their conduct, these three members start spoiling their social health, physical health and mental health. In another way, we see the excess of anything would lead to disease. Having an addiction to a moderate amount seems fine unless it causes major changes to our body, mind and self.

Addicted- let’s do a quick test?

To find out your level of addictions, You may try doodling joint lines on your notebook each time you have an inner craving. You may note the total number of lines at the end of the week and assess whether your addiction is just fine or diseased.

Balance of passion and vision- Learn from leaders

To have a better understanding of addictions and disease, we may study the life of following leaders and then really choose to live a balanced life of passion and vision. 

Mary Kom, Indian Boxer, the Only female boxer with a medal in each one of the first seven World Championships, Padma Vibhushan

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), Indian Poet, Writer, Philosopher, Composer and Painter

Kalpana Chawla (1961-2003), First woman of Indian origin to go to space

Ratan Tata, Indian Industrialist, Philanthropist and Former Chairman of Tata Group

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Successful Relationship is a product of WE time & ME time

This article is purposefully written for those who are in a kind of sick relationship and don’t know the way out…

Relationship turns bitter when there is a lack of time management between partners. More than 50% breakups and divorce occurs because couples fail to spend quality time together. With no time- there is no understanding, no feelings of love, no motivation to continue, and in a rarest case, no purpose to live. Thus, here we really see the dangerous consequences of lack of time management among partners.

Lack of time management is due to two issues which could fail any relationships-

  1. ME Time= Privacy

Privacy is a precious gift for the development of inner potentials. One needs to keep learning and growing so as to keep up with the competitive times. Most partner interfere so much in others matter that they forget to provide the essential time one might need for overall well-being. This generates a feeling of suffocation that makes others feel like running away somewhere else.

ME time is the most important time for personal understanding and knowing of self. In a committed relationship, an unbearable interference takes away the meaningfulness of life. This results into restricted self -development which leads into a failure to use one’s conscience. The feeling of non-knowing kills the person from within. The feeling of being unable to decide for ‘self’ mentally paralyses the person. This is the reason any kind of relationship works only when a person pays enough attention to underlying passion and self-growth. ME time is the idea of self-healing. And healing is always required for attaining balance in between body, mind, and soul.      

  1. WE Time= staying together

People believe that living together can solve any types of problems in relationships. On contrary, I believe it’s a wrong perception. Despite live-in-together, most couple fails to enter into a long- term relationship. What could be the reason for this failure?

It is because they are not able to deliver proper time to each other. Couples may spend the necessary time together- such as eating, living, house management. In all this, they fail to dedicate the essential time of togetherness. They fail to care, pamper, eliminate addictions (mobile phone, smoking, bad habits, etc.), show interest in others passions, share feelings, and exchange ideas.

We are all aware that just planting a tree is not enough. On a regular basis, we need to give water, fertilizers, protection against storms, remove weeds, do basic cutting, and so on. In a similar way, just entering into a relationship is not enough, one needs to show continuous love, care, proper understanding, and balanced attention.

The combination of WE time and ME time could play the perfect role in sustaining a healthy relationship. I hope this article would provide the couples with an advantage of both being together to share love, time, emotion and being in a private zone to finish work target, fulfill passion, and enjoy personal care sessions.      

Practical guide to deal with the effects of negative criticism

It is common to encounter one out of ten criticizer who is filled with negativity, non-empathetic characters, Judgmental nature, humiliating approach, and sometimes mental as well as physical abuse.

This kind of criticizers could be insider or outsider.

It could be someone from your close relations or stranger from your workplace, shopping complex, service center and Govt Agencies.

The words, sometimes, become so unbearable that you can’t take it and just walk out of the situation.

Even after you leave the place, the word still reverberates at your head that spoils your day, disturb your sleep, and habits of food intake.

Your mood is so out of control that it appears as if only time could support in bringing your it back to the actual state.

If you too, feel sick, disturbed, lost by encountering such criticizers, then go on reading, there is something in this article which will definitely help you in the process of healing.

Read here

‘I want to change, tell me how to?’

Ask yourself honestly, ‘How many times you went to somebody, and framed this kind of question to embrace change?’ For many of us, it might be our regular thing to inquire with our friends, family, or personality development coach. Here I am not going to bother you with tips & techniques to change personality or lifestyles. Perhaps, this write-up would criticize this whole statement which we are using since uncertain point of time.

Right from the time, we understand our mind & body, we try to fit into it some patterns, forms, ideology, customs, criteria, and authority of someone we hardly know. To get a change in life, we seek the experiences, knowledge, and authority of others. The “other” would have undergone the same kind of procedures he requested from the other unknown. And like this way, we go on following the unknown authorities without inquiring into its worth. The authority of a book, teacher, wife, husband, parent, friend, and society is always ruling an individual mind, every-time he seeks to do something in life. And then, the same individual again inquires someone else about bringing change. This is exactly the same as searching for the new road, while moving towards the same old road.

‘The imposed order always breed disorder.’

J. Krishnamurti

The burden of orders which we keep within us- make us dull, lowly, disinterested, and unhappy. Once we get rid of all the orders, we start feeling energetic, happy, filled with new ideas. We get a fresher dimension to reflect upon self. When we could reflect upon our- self then definitely we could change, transform, and become a whole new. This throwing away of old orders, bring a new enthusiasm, a new space, and a new energy to know self, and take decisions.

In this fresher dimension, there is no fear of making a mistake, no fear of doing right or wrong. A different rays of energy radiates within self. And that energy brings revolution on its own. There is nothing new to be done.

Simply speaking, heading towards authority for changing self, brings the burden of another authority. And in this manner, the burden increases. The person gets confused in all this, and he goes on following others. In this way, he skip the real aspect of life. The real aspect is to free ourselves from all the burdens, and create a new space, which could radiate enough energy to guide the self the right directions to follow.

Reference: Freedom from the known by J.Krishnamurti

When the Student is ready, the Master will appear

You might have heard the phrase ‘Mastery comes by preparedness’. But the phrase, ‘Master comes after preparation or readiness’ is something new to hear. In Indian Philosophy, Master is commonly called as Guru. Guru has a very important role in the life of everyone. The king, scholars, Army, citizens, all used to had their Guru during Ancient times. In today’s Modern time, a Guru is commonly called as an advisor. It could be your family advisor, religious advisor, financial advisor, marriage advisor, or health advisor. The Guru-disciple relationship is continuing from a long period of time. Despite the rising technology, and an instant answers in the google search bar, the importance of Guru could not be neglected.

Everyone needs Guru because they pursue to rise high from their current status. They seek transformation and thus, they are willing to listen to someone having adequate knowledge, experience, and skills. One with persistent touch with Guru could feel a different kind of healing within them. They see their life turning bright, and their sufferings getting eliminated. Guru is one who continuously motivate a person to act better way. It is like a hammer striking at a hot iron, and giving it a proper shape. The act of surrendering to Guru’s advise transforms a person into a better one. In ancient days, surrendering to Guru was known to be the noblest act. Every path the Guru chooses, the disciples had to follow. Once the Guru believed the disciple to be ready, he would wave off him to his self-journey. In present days, we have the freedom to choose our Gurus, and we also have the freedom to follow or not follow the advise. Today the disciple has an option to explore path for self, and find out its validity by experiences. In Buddhist too, Guru trains his disciples to select their path by experiences rather having blind faith in authority. Shankara’s Guru also placed reason on par with scriptural authority, and constantly made the students to test and verify the teachings.

In Gurukul days(disciple staying with masters), disciples would follow each and every routines of their Gurus. And when the Guru believed their trainees to be perfect for learning, they will transfer the valuable knowledge and skills to them. This ensures the students preparedness, interest, beliefs, attitude and mental capacity in grasping the valuable knowledge which Guru wanted to share. This is a very important lesson for today’s generation. Today, we have Gurus available everywhere, and we are sometimes so confused, that we doesn’t even know what knowledge to seek, and which learning to adapt. In all this, we keep on trying wide variety of things, and lose the chance to gain expertise. We may be enjoying the whole process of learning, and acquiring skills. But, there are some areas where destination matters rather journey itself.

‘When the student is ready, the master will appear’

‘When the student is ready, the master will appear’ is a best phrase to keep alive the strong bondage of student-master relations. Once you are ready physically, mentally, spiritually, then there is nobody, who could stop you from reaching to your masters to gain mastery. Once we have completed the background work to acquire something new, then the path to reach to our Gurus becomes clear. In all these, the Guru too realizes the values of sharing the knowledge to you, the knowledge which Guru received by tough practice and perseverance. In Karate or martial art practice, some students might be aware of the constant repetitions of same moves throughout year. Some students get so fed up, that they leave their practice routine in mid. Some students would continue for a longer time, and also become expert in that particular moves or skills. After the perfection in a moves or stance, the master teaches the other skills, and the same process goes on repeating till perfection. This makes us clear that Master helps us with new knowledge and skills, only in case we are ready to acquire it. If the Master would share the skills without students preparedness, then the time would be wasted, and the risk to learn a wrong procedure increases.

In today’s world of technology, it’s very important for learners to be active in the process of learning. After complete physical or mental preparedness, a student should start learning a skill. They should involve in continuous practice, and should have a long-term goals for acquiring any skills. This article is best in the interest of passion lovers. They have the tendency to reach at the level of perfection, and make a profitable outcome out of it. For the passion lovers, we could see a complete preparedness. Also, it becomes easy for them to get right Guru for honing their skills.

To conclude, we are well aware of the changing times. Previously, the Guru used to choose their disciple, and now the disciple chooses the Guru. In all this, one thing is clear that right skills or knowledge could be achieved only after complete preparation and understanding of subject. To teach the skills, Master could come for our help, only after complete readiness.

Reference(Book): As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

Philosophical solutions to the uncertainties of life

Multiple events occur in our life out of which most phenomenon seems to be unreal. These are beyond our predictions and often create a feeling of void, harm or personal injury.  

In the 20th century, the methods of Philosophical counselling for dealing with daily issues of life gains popularity. This counselling is an act of guiding. It is a personal relationship with clients. The counsellor and clients develop a kind of meaningful relationship. The counsellor engages in a kind of dialogues and develops a kind of free thoughts. Such thoughts are free from any biases or pre-considered judgements. They are free from suffering and problems. Philosophical counselling develops a variety of ideas. It makes us aware of our thinking pattern and our ways of looking at different things.

Philosophical studies can provide insights into the difficulties of life. It helps to solve some of the issues of life. Philosophical counselling takes into the hypothesis that many of our problems arise from difficulties in understanding the meaning of life. Lou Marinoff has written the book on ‘How philosophy can change your life?’ In this, professor Lou urges not to accept victimhood as the by the product of modern human life. Professor Marinoff has also said that we could take effective measures to deal with the uncertain change in our life. 

In order to deal with the uncertainties of life, we need to understand that human problems are complex. Some problems could not be resolved even when the concepts of psychology and philosophy are applied. There are tools in philosophical counselling which could be used to determine the closest solutions to uncertain problems. To deal with uncertain problems. Here I will mention some of measures.

  1. Remove cause, Remove suffering
    We all know that sufferings could be removed by removing the cause. Suppose we are facing a problem with a particular place, a person, or nature of things. Then we could resolve our problems by changing the conditions upon which a place, or person, or any object is affecting us.
  2. Parable of second arrow- Buddha
    Buddha says that ‘In life, we can’t always control the first arrow. However, the second arrow is our reaction to the first to which we have to cope up with.’

    It’s not always the cause of sufferings that hurt us, but the reactions to such kind of sufferings bring harm. Suppose a person A unintentionally says a negative word to a person B. In case, B ignores the words said by A, then there would not be any sufferings to either people. In case, B reacts to those words, then both A and B will suffer because of reactions.   

So suffering is optional, we should be selective to our problems. We could select our problems as well as the cause for which we are facing issues. After proper analysing of the uncertain problems, we could apply the philosophical measures to it. 

3. Take ownership of your problems- Stoics
Now applying the stoics philosophy for dealing with the uncertain problems. For this, I may take out some of the quotes to reflect our sufferings from uncertain problems.  

We should we satisfied with what we do and have and take pleasure in simple things.

If we are miserable with ourselves, we will be miserable wherever we go.

There are certain events that happen outside one’s control

Stoicism also wants to take greater responsibility, greater ownership for the things that we can actually do. Some problems are often uncertain like sudden health problems, death in the family, disaster, accidents, and so on. In such cases, we can’t do anything, but we could definitely deal with our reactions to it. Remember it’s always the second arrow that hurts more. Thus, it’s necessary to examine the reactions, feelings, attitude towards problems, and meditate upon it. Overthinking on a problem is also a problem. To avoid overthinking we need to focus on the present situation and circumstances. The uncertainty is a challenge in itself. However, a proper methods to counter with uncertainty would generate a feeling of well being in us.  

How you treat with your scars?

With today’s Suicide prevention day, September 10 2020,  it seems necessary to look back at our scars, which might have occurred out of our problems,  depression, and struggles. Let’s reflect back at our scars with new perspectives to remind us again that we are strong, brave, deserve praise, and grateful for everything in our life. 

Scar is a physical mark of accident,  injury,  and violence,  inflicted in the body,  either by self or others. We all must be having a scar at some point in our life. We all might have felt painful,  sad and unhappy for the scar marks in our body. There are many problems concerning scars.  For some of us, scar is the evidence of first pain we might have experienced in our life. For some others,  it’s the worst memory one could have in life.  For very few,  it’s an answer to the challenges life brings on us.  

It’s evident from the past society that we have always misunderstood our scars.  Media & advertising industry has taken full advantage of these weaknesses. They have tried to sell the products which could remove or hide our scars.  We have always made mistakes to identify the true meaning of our scar.  In this writing,  I would be reflecting on the beauty of scars, we have been overlooking for such a long period of time.  

Have we observed children?  For them,  even a tiny scar mark is such a wonderful topic to discuss.  When they accidentally fall down,  they cry,  shout,  scream,  and express all inner emotions.  When they recover,  and find scars in their body,  they will boast stories of their bravery.  They will tell others about the pain and their struggle to come out of it.  They will always have amazing feelings for their scars.  Even superhero will carry scars of fight,  mysterious origin, and victory. Character Harry Potter was popular for the scar on his head.  

When we grow younger,  we start feeling insecure for our scars.  We try to hide it from other people.  When someone asks the story of our scars,  we reveal its truth with so much concern,  worry, and hesitation. 

As we step into adulthood, the insecurity for our scars increase. And we seriously start thinking about it.  We would visit the surgeon and skin specialists,  we would move to every corner of the world, and spend every penny required to get free from our scars.  

There are very few individuals who enjoy living with their scars.  Why are scars the topic of hatred?  Why are scars treated as if it’s not our own? Why are scars often overlooked by individuals? While digging deeply into the scars, it’s clear that scars are our story of conquering pain, standing upright, facing reality,  and feeling pride in growing up.  Some insecurities of the world around us often made us hate our own scars, its beauty, glory and identity.  

Scars is a bridge between the journey of who you were and who you are now.  It’s your natural identity which reveals a brave story about you. It’s all depends on us how we look at it.  Animals carry their scars without any hesitation.  By looking at the scars of an animal, we got to know a lot of things about it.  We got to know the struggles,  the bravery,  and fights.  The animals who carry scars,  show more power,  understanding of situations,  and willingness to protect the territory.

When it comes to humans,  they avoid their scars to avoid unwanted sympathy, attention,  and criticism. Many would ask about scars, and if the story is too personal,  then they are ready to create a scene out of it.  In ancient India,  there used to be many conservative families which would scan the bride’s body first,  before selecting her for marriage. If, by mistake, they find even a scratch,  they will cancel the marriage there itself.  

Scars are considered as a symbol of ugliness.  In ancient times,  women used to protect themselves from cruel men. They will harm their body, face and allow the scars to appear.  They knew very well that men would escape after looking at their ugliness. 

These were the real stories of scars. We have mistreated it for quite a long time.  Today we are talking about accepting yourself as who you are.  Then,  why do we still ignore our scars? Why don’t we accept it as it is?  Why don’t we treat it as our achievement & trophies? Your scar mark is your identity of the intensity of pain you could experience.  Your scars speak about the glory you achieved. Your scars tell you about the misunderstanding you faced in life.  Your scars speak of tortures put on you. Most importantly, your scars speak of the person you were then,  and the person you turned into now.  Scars define your past and remind you not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Scars sometimes originate out of our act of depression.  Scars is a reminder of coming out of unpredictable situations. Scars remind us that we have conquered our problems.  It tells us that we can face such problems with full knowledge and awareness in future.  By learning the true meaning of our scar, the unpredictability of a situation decreases.  We identify the hidden symbols of mistrust,  misunderstanding, and lack of awareness.  Scars warn you not to turn victim again.  It warns us that history could be repeated again. It tells us that consequences could be dangerous again.  It increases your abilities to conquer your difficult times with confidence, and bravery. Scars make us conscious on  steps we are going to take in our life.  Scars give us warning to take carefully the decision in life.  With so much importance of scar marks,  it’s totally insane to neglect and expel it away from our life. 

It’s time now to understand the scar marks on our body, and live it as our real trophies. If you have your story concerning scars, please feel free to share. The more we discuss, the more lighter our journey becomes.

Stop Self-Development, Start Self-Exploration

Self-exploration doesn’t cover you by some unnatural stuff which wasn’t in you. It helps you take out the real stuffs within you. When you analyze the real hidden part of yourself, you act very naturally towards the problems of the world.

Can we just stop this ongoing business of self- development? I know it feels motivating to see some post of inspiration, achievements, growth? But is it worthy? How impactful the course of self-development is? How instantly this increases our daily productivity? For instance, a person wasn’t confident, he did some course of developing confidence, and now he is proudly saying that the self-development courses built up his confidence. He could go to the stage and deliver a brilliant speech. It brought something in him, which wasn’t there. It gave him confidence, the power to know himself, and determine right and wrong. The basic question is, ‘could we have the power to know self just by joining some self-development courses?’ Isn’t there any cost-effective way?

From a very young age, people start rushing to self-development classes. They want to learn the art of living and live life in the best possible way. The trainers/coach/mentors try their best to tell you the meanings of values, ethics, virtues, moral life, etc. You try to implement those things in your life, and you start living by the examples of great leaders. Indeed, it’s a very beneficial thing. Millions of motivational book-copies get sold for helping us to achieve self-development, thousands of self-development classes could be found in the city, hundreds of people around us would guide us to follow the virtues of life. Still, the suicide rate is increasing, people are facing depression, fights and arguments are turning never-ending, happiness is fading away, and so on.

I am sure we all have done the course on self-development at some point in our life. Still, there is a time when we feel low, unhappy, and tied in chains of problems. Problems are in everybody’s life. We have to suffer and that’s the ultimate truth, as said by Buddha. But, we all should be having our different perspectives towards the problems. How these different perspectives are generated? Is it by following the method of self-development? No, self-development has a limited role in this. The real power is in self-exploration. When you discover yourself, know yourself, and when you are aware of yourself. Then, no problems could make you low and unhappy. You achieve real power through the methods of self-exploration. 

Self-exploration doesn’t cover you by some unnatural stuff which wasn’t in you. It helps you take out the real stuffs within you. When you analyze the real hidden part of yourself, you act very naturally towards the problems of the world. You aren’t afraid of problems, but you feel courageous to deal with it. Many would say that self-development includes self-exploration. But, I would prefer a reverse. When you explore yourself, know yourself, and then only you could start developing yourself. It’s a very deep philosophy. It is realized by many saints and mystics. They know the power of self-exploration by digging deeper within the self. They explore self, eliminate the negative factors, and take out positive things. They replace negative things(any wrong beliefs, attitudes, feelings) with other positive things. And that’s the true self-development which could occur in a being. So, next time, you join some self-development course and invest huge money unnecessarily. Just keep in mind to explore yourself first.

Self-development is a medicine to heal your problems. But, self-exploration is a permanent remedy to your problems. The method to explore self is to take out the creative force from within. Try doing something which you are interested in real. Join dance class, music class, art class, and identify the creative force within. When you know your field of deep interest, then you could explore yourself, and you could develop yourself. After exploring yourself well, you become so natural that life turns easy and smooth to you. Self-development is not the best way of facing the truth. The best is Self-exploration that has only been able to help you become aware of reality and face it naturally.

Removing space, counteracting stress

Stress is any reaction to change. The change could be certain or uncertain, expected or unexpected, avoidable, or unavoidable. It could be anything that brings a feeling of discomfort in our life.

stress= number of stressful situations/ the ability to cope.

Stress is directly proportional to the number of stressful situations. In case, the number of stressful situations increase, the stress would increase. If we could avoid stressful situations, then we can remove stress. This could be possible by altering the pattern of our lifestyles. Also, Stress is inversely proportional to the ability to cope. If stress is high, the ability to cope up would be lower. The ability to cope up with stress also varies from person to person. It is because a person has different physical and mental abilities to get rid of stress. In another way, raising our abilities to tolerate stress could help to remove stress.

Stress could have a negative impact on our life. It could take away our attentive skills and spoil our productivity. The negative outcome of stress could be many. Some are imbalances in the automatic nervous system, hormonal change, and disturbed functioning of our mind & body.
There are several ways to remove stress from our life. The best way is to cut all the empty spaces and fill them with the activities of our interest.

For instance, if I am stressed and I want to deal with it, then I must do the activities which I love to do. Painting makes me forget all the worries and take me in the present moment. Thus, if I do the painting to drop negative spaces in my life, I could handle the level of my stress. It’s also important to reduce the number of stressful situations. The situations could be bad memories, person, or activity which acts as a reason for repeat occurrences of our stress. It’s not possible to cut all forms of stress & stressful situations. That’s why it’s important to stay connected to the present moments.

Generally, it happens that we lose all interests to do an activity when we are stressed. In such a scenario, the best way to avoid the thought of stressful situations is to do the activity that could replace the negative stressful thoughts with a positive one. I know it seems difficult, but by doing this activity, we could not only cut stress but could also tune in to the present.

There is also a need to increase our capabilities to deal with stress. For such reasons, we must follow the guidelines provided by health advisors. The best things developing our capacities to deal with stress are Yoga, Yoga Nidra(sleep meditation), and meditation(mindfulness exercise). You can browse google for the practice of these useful techniques or could consult an expert for further knowledge.

Yoga Nidra maintains our breathing rhythm and could help us to connect with our present moment. After removing the negative spaces in our life, we could be successful to reduce stress. Removing spaces doesn’t mean being into an activity we circumstantially have to do. Like office work, house chores, or sharing time with a close one. The correct procedure for removing stress is to increase the time for self and do activities that you really love doing. This procedure of removing space is the best trick to deal with stress.

By following this trick, we could attain peace of mind, rhythmic breathing, sound sleep, and stress-free living. Although stress has a number of techniques for its negation, the best one is to remove the space so that there would be no time to feel negative and stressed. I hope you like this idea of removing stress, if you want to add some more points or refute this theory, please feel free to write. Thanks for reading!

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