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The Aim of Philosophy

Phrase Explained

Have you ever observed a fly trapped in a bottle? What does it do there? It will travel round, may be for two or three times, and then quietly sit at the surface to revive its lost energy. When you observe the fly for quite sometime, you will realize that it ends up its life without finding the way out. Now as a true human observing that desperate poor being, do you feel like helping it out? Do you see it as meaningful to show the fly the way out. Otherwise, you are such human who doesn’t care who-so-ever is falling victim of its destiny. If you are the first one, then the philosophy by Viennese philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein would be of your help.

Who is Ludwig Wittgenstein?
To say in brief, Ludwig Wittgenstein was one of the greatest philosopher of the 20th century. He was not a celebrated philosopher during his decade and perhaps, he would say,

I feel I am writing for people who would think in a different way, breathe a different air of life, from that of a present day men.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Well! the reason for which he was saying so is because he was formulating the advance philosophy during the time which was in dire need of simplest understandings. Thus, Wittgenstein philosophy is valuable for present day students who would like to explore the objectives of studying philosophy.

Fly and Bottle Vs Humans and Physical world
To understand the metaphorical term, “fly” and the “bottle”, we would be relating it to humanity and its problems of the physical world. The bottle signifies the limited physical world that has failed multiple times to provide valid reasons for our intellectual inquisitiveness. The study of limited world has helped very less to find the sufficient reasons for the purpose of our existence. Therefore, there is a high need to look beyond our limitations to reach to the aspects of truths. Now if humans are ‘fly’, and in case, they are trapped in their limited space and time, then who is going to show them the right path to come out of this circumstance. According to Wittgenstein, only the philosophers could show humans the right path with their Metaphysical quest and Epistemological stance. This presents the true meaning of philosophy which is suitable for exploring the truth by meaningful inquiry and effective dialogues.

Why Philosophers should Philosophize?
This should not a question for you; but a clear answer that philosophers should initiate such philosophies because humans won’t remain trapped inside their comforting physical world. One may reach to the cause, and look for the origin of existence. One may understand the core to get a link to the on-going natural laws, and one may find its source of need fulfilment and know the reasons for its growing line.

Showing the right way to people, in a more benefiting terms, could also be classified as counseling. Counseling is the way to find solution to a problem. It is the method to reach to the problem source to find the solution. We regularly need philosophical and psychological counselors because we need to look at the problems with universal outlook rather than individual perspectives. Individually, we won’t reach at the roots of problems but universally we could study its all-round perspectives. There could be other factors to look for counselors that you shouldn’t feel biased for your problems and examine it with understanding its entire hope and scope. Like counseling, there are the treatments which could made you heal inside-out. The role of therapists in leading you to the other world of knowledge couldn’t be neglected. They light the lamp to your world of darkness or they help you to find your own light within.

Knowing or absorbing what others have is always fruitful. You might say that you are experienced personality and you don’t require anyone’s advice on the matter. However, you are nourishing your inner ego in this process which is restricting your way to achieve more out of this world. Therefore, to know more we should very well try our level best to nourish the inner self by providing the additional elements available outside. The additions could enlarge your vision and would help in all possible ways to discover way out of this trap of physical world.

At the last, I would just say that Wittgenstein idea is not at all crazy. It is the approach to look beyond our visible path. It is taking the available advices to make our life better. It is to trust the knowledge provided by the researchers and get understanding from their experiences. Thus, showing the fly the way out of bottle is something only an authentic philosophers could look ahead for.

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Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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