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Bhagavan Das has provided an outline of the fundamental principles, drawn from ancient Indian traditions of Aryan culture and Manu texts, to apply them to modern problems.

Here we have attempted to condense the principles into digestible facts while leaving some of his original words intact.

Though the original words are completely effective in itself. But, the efforts are made just to limit the time of understanding such a great philosophy.

Hope it will be helpful for students learning about Bhagavan Das.

Read more here: Bhagwan Das

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

2 thoughts on “Summary of Bhagavan Das’ -ANCIENT SOLUTIONS OF MODERN PROBLEMS”

  1. Informative , remember student life, when I was a student of B.H.U (banaras hindu university ) a hostel was named after Bhagwan Das. All the students used to call it B.D because of this, for a long time could not understand the meaning of this name.

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    1. It is interesting to hear that you recalled your college days by going through this article. Thanks for reading and sharing your wonderful experience in knowing Bhagwan Das.

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