Clean your inner space

Life is playing game with death. Livings are wondering the great numbers death has already devoured. With all this chaos revolving around humanity, the precious nature of life has turned stronger than ever. The present goal of humanity is to see everyone out there safe and getting healed from the early loss of loved ones. The methods and advises to stay safe in these tough days are overflowing like the water of floods, where the safest either find place in woods or pulled back by those who care. With plenty of necessary and unnecessary advises, our mind is really burdened with the repeated occurring thoughts- “45 min exercise a day”, “consume plenty of water”, “eat green”, “don’t step out”, “cover up face and hands”, “meditate”, and so on. The formation of habit is not an easy thing. But the fear of sufferings necessarily brings us to the right habit at the right time. The fear of virus spread has caused the formation of habits easier and earlier than it would have actually took.

We are externally looking into the positive healing and wisdom. But internally, most of us are devastated in sadness, fear, confusion, and misunderstanding. To balance out internal emotions and external actions is a tough task. But it is not an impossible one. Just remember to throw the garbage out of your mind on a regular basis. In case, you failed to do so, your mind will stink and you will feel suffocated living in your own body and mind. Embrace the positivity around, and throw away the negativity of fear, non-knowing, anxiety, mood-swings, and heavy hearts. The negative elements will keep acquiring your inner space on a regular basis, you can’t avoid that. The only thing you could do is to persistently empty your mind, and let go your thoughts. This would allow you to immerse deep into freshness of positivity and good days ahead.

PS: When philosophy touches the heart earlier than brain, it becomes powerful. With this inspiration, I’m launching a new series called “Straight from heart” in which I’ll try to go deep into people’s hearts to make them feel happy and alive. If you leave a comment with your thoughts, we may be able to continue on this healing path. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for being a part of my journey.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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