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How you treat with your scars?

With today’s Suicide prevention day, September 10 2020,  it seems necessary to look back at our scars, which might have occurred out of our problems,  depression, and struggles. Let’s reflect back at our scars with new perspectives to remind us again that we are strong, brave, deserve praise, and grateful for everything in our life. 

Scar is a physical mark of accident,  injury,  and violence,  inflicted in the body,  either by self or others. We all must be having a scar at some point in our life. We all might have felt painful,  sad and unhappy for the scar marks in our body. There are many problems concerning scars.  For some of us, scar is the evidence of first pain we might have experienced in our life. For some others,  it’s the worst memory one could have in life.  For very few,  it’s an answer to the challenges life brings on us.  

It’s evident from the past society that we have always misunderstood our scars.  Media & advertising industry has taken full advantage of these weaknesses. They have tried to sell the products which could remove or hide our scars.  We have always made mistakes to identify the true meaning of our scar.  In this writing,  I would be reflecting on the beauty of scars, we have been overlooking for such a long period of time.  

Have we observed children?  For them,  even a tiny scar mark is such a wonderful topic to discuss.  When they accidentally fall down,  they cry,  shout,  scream,  and express all inner emotions.  When they recover,  and find scars in their body,  they will boast stories of their bravery.  They will tell others about the pain and their struggle to come out of it.  They will always have amazing feelings for their scars.  Even superhero will carry scars of fight,  mysterious origin, and victory. Character Harry Potter was popular for the scar on his head.  

When we grow younger,  we start feeling insecure for our scars.  We try to hide it from other people.  When someone asks the story of our scars,  we reveal its truth with so much concern,  worry, and hesitation. 

As we step into adulthood, the insecurity for our scars increase. And we seriously start thinking about it.  We would visit the surgeon and skin specialists,  we would move to every corner of the world, and spend every penny required to get free from our scars.  

There are very few individuals who enjoy living with their scars.  Why are scars the topic of hatred?  Why are scars treated as if it’s not our own? Why are scars often overlooked by individuals? While digging deeply into the scars, it’s clear that scars are our story of conquering pain, standing upright, facing reality,  and feeling pride in growing up.  Some insecurities of the world around us often made us hate our own scars, its beauty, glory and identity.  

Scars is a bridge between the journey of who you were and who you are now.  It’s your natural identity which reveals a brave story about you. It’s all depends on us how we look at it.  Animals carry their scars without any hesitation.  By looking at the scars of an animal, we got to know a lot of things about it.  We got to know the struggles,  the bravery,  and fights.  The animals who carry scars,  show more power,  understanding of situations,  and willingness to protect the territory.

When it comes to humans,  they avoid their scars to avoid unwanted sympathy, attention,  and criticism. Many would ask about scars, and if the story is too personal,  then they are ready to create a scene out of it.  In ancient India,  there used to be many conservative families which would scan the bride’s body first,  before selecting her for marriage. If, by mistake, they find even a scratch,  they will cancel the marriage there itself.  

Scars are considered as a symbol of ugliness.  In ancient times,  women used to protect themselves from cruel men. They will harm their body, face and allow the scars to appear.  They knew very well that men would escape after looking at their ugliness. 

These were the real stories of scars. We have mistreated it for quite a long time.  Today we are talking about accepting yourself as who you are.  Then,  why do we still ignore our scars? Why don’t we accept it as it is?  Why don’t we treat it as our achievement & trophies? Your scar mark is your identity of the intensity of pain you could experience.  Your scars speak about the glory you achieved. Your scars tell you about the misunderstanding you faced in life.  Your scars speak of tortures put on you. Most importantly, your scars speak of the person you were then,  and the person you turned into now.  Scars define your past and remind you not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Scars sometimes originate out of our act of depression.  Scars is a reminder of coming out of unpredictable situations. Scars remind us that we have conquered our problems.  It tells us that we can face such problems with full knowledge and awareness in future.  By learning the true meaning of our scar, the unpredictability of a situation decreases.  We identify the hidden symbols of mistrust,  misunderstanding, and lack of awareness.  Scars warn you not to turn victim again.  It warns us that history could be repeated again. It tells us that consequences could be dangerous again.  It increases your abilities to conquer your difficult times with confidence, and bravery. Scars make us conscious on  steps we are going to take in our life.  Scars give us warning to take carefully the decision in life.  With so much importance of scar marks,  it’s totally insane to neglect and expel it away from our life. 

It’s time now to understand the scar marks on our body, and live it as our real trophies. If you have your story concerning scars, please feel free to share. The more we discuss, the more lighter our journey becomes.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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