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Knowing Animals Emotions

We, humans, consider animals as lower beings. Lower because they aren’t rational-minded and they can’t make decisions as we do. Their consciousness level isn’t high and their main function of life comprises just survival, food, and reproduction. We don’t feel any kindness towards them. And we often leave and ignore them. There are very few animal lovers in the world. Those people not only show care, empathy, and kindness towards mute beings. But, also give enough space, love, attention to them. This writing is not any form of advice or research on the subject of animals’ emotions. It’s my personal experiences that I observed in looking after my pet dog. I will particularly talk about dogs’ emotions. But, the emotions of other animals are inclusive in this post.

Like others, even I didn’t have any idea of animals emotions and feelings. I was totally ignorant and so I kept reading blogs to get knowledge in animal care. I realized that animals just don’t need food for survival. They have full emotions and equally need our love, care, and support. They are very particular about time and routines. So, unlike humans that change habits and activities frequently. Animals prefer to keep a good routine. They don’t even need a watch or time to decide when they could go to walk. They are so much particular about their patterns of food, hunts, rest, and roaming activities. If humans try to change habits or patterns of their pets, their behavior definitely changes. They start getting annoyed, irritated, aggressive, lethargic, and sad. But, in all this, they never stop loving their human friends. They will understand quickly that humans are busy with other tasks and they wait until you feed or give time to them. They have the inbound patience to wait for their human friends.

Pets like dogs will never lose their patience easily. Once you go out leaving them behind and they get to know. They will react in the first instance, they will bark and show their willingness to come with you. And once they realize that humans can’t take them, they sit quietly and wait patiently for their return. Sometimes humans may be tired and feel low to love and cheer their furry companions. But animals always stay positive and happy to greet their human friends. It might be the time when you have badly scolded or even beaten your pet for some reason. But the animals will never take it too seriously. They will still come to you and show that they have forgiven you.

All these facts clearly represent that animals also have emotions. They need you to play, love, and understand them. Their eyes reveal the deep affection they carry for humans. Their wagging tails and other body movements reveal that they are always excited to see their human friends. The pet owner knows very well that their pet is having some natural character. They may be naughty, clever, aggressive, friendly, jealous, or possessive. Their nature gives a hint of the emotions they carry. Even they got hurt when humans ignore or leave them. The only difference is they can’t speak about that. God has gifted them the memory which can keep the moments alive but couldn’t trouble them in their daily things. Their short term memory helps them stay connected to present moments.

Making a comparison between animals and humans is not right. But, finding similarities is essential. And it seems meaningful to understand that animals also have emotions. Hence, we must take care that we aren’t hurting others. It should always be our responsibility to care for other animals and include them in our way of living. Every act should contribute to the welfare of other beings. Harming and affecting other beings is the sign of cruelty. Being Humans, we should show the finest behavior to love, support, and nurture other animals.

With the reflection of my experiences, I want you to ask yourself the duty towards others which we have forgotten. We humans, call ourselves rational. Couldn’t we try to understand the emotions of animals and give them the least of care they deserve? Couldn’t we be a little careful to not take away their spaces to fulfill our greed? Couldn’t we be more humanistic towards other beings? It’s time not just to think but to understand and act. Because it’s always the actions that speak better than words.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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