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Role of Socrates Method in present time

Socrates was a Greek philosopher from Athens. He initiated the discussion of complicated moral & philosophical problems in an interesting way. Socrates posed himself as one who knows nothing. He then interrogates with a person to understand their emotions and feelings. He will get to know the mindset of a person by understanding the person’s thought projection. In this way, he reveals the wrong perception of a person by their own outcome of realization.

Socrates stands like a mirror before a person where a person reveals all rising thoughts. The person realizes in the end how wrong he was. In this way, Socrates gave us the path of wisdom. Different authors have employed Socrates as a character of their books on Dialogues. They tried to portray the various methods of Dialogues that Socrates used. Some such philosophers are- Aristotle, Xenophon, Plato, and Cicero.

There is an expression of totality in the Socrates Dialogues. Here the desire for certainty appears while making a conversation. The sense of making valid statements come to a person observing Dialogical methods. People arrive with a clear idea. They start a conversation with an untrue hypothesis. And they end up with a conclusion indicating truth. The Socrates method was to derive the truth which seems to be impossible for many. Socratic methods promote independent, effective and critical thinking.

Three levels of Dialogues-

Conversation itself / answering– Socrates starts the conversation and pretend to be completely ignorant. The conversation comprises of continuous series of questions and answers. Socrates starts the conversation by asking simple questions. And slowly he enters into the difficulty where the person has no clue of it. In this way, not only the truth got revealed. But the egoist nature of a person is also taken down. The conversation method of Socrates is a practice of healing. Socrates acts as a healer and cures a person’s ignorance, attitude, arrogance, fake pride, and lack of interest in seeking the truth. He fills the person with curiosity and desire to look for the truth. The Socrates method of raising awareness of truth is rarely seen in today’s times. People aren’t ready to remove the glasses of the wrong perception to include new ideas in life. Understanding this method in a better way may give an impression of adopting it for the welfare of all.

Methodological- Socrates methodological is a kind of diagnosis. It’s a process of doing continuous research in order to reveal the truth. The truth has to come out by removing lies. We know that the subject philosophy is multi-dimensional. The varied perception of life has created the foundation of philosophy. Philosophical questions is unanswerable by following one man’s principles. Different directions have to be studied for reaching into close proximity of truth. The idea of a methodological approach is to change typical philosophical answers. The way we perceive things needs thorough research instead of giving something ready-made.

Skeptical – Philosophical answers are true for some and not true for others . Knowledge certainty isn’t possible. We just need to find out proof before committing to something. The method of Skeptical is the best approach to reveal validity of philosophical principles. Descartes’s skeptical arguments for finding the existence of self is the most popular theory in the history of philosophy. This method is suitable for dealing with the doubts of both self and others. Socrates skepticism tries to remove all knowledge which appears to be true, but lack truth in real sense. By following the skeptical approach, we reach the closeness of a particular truth.

Socrates in today’s times

Nobody wants to believe what is objectively true or good. Socrates tries to study each area of philosophy- Asking questions like: ‘what is knowledge?’ in the area of Epistemology. ‘What is real, eternal, true?’ in the area of metaphysics. And ‘what are morality, and moral goods?’ in the area of ethics. Socrates fully defined the truest concept of philosophy and life. He says that ‘the unexamined life isn’t worth living’. The process of introspection, observation, identification and forming relations is available in the methods of Socrates. Socrates Philosophy, in the real sense, is a love of wisdom.

Socrates was a great lover of wisdom. He has chosen philosophy over his life. He died to keep the practice of philosophical methods alive.

The period of the pandemic is getting tough. People are losing faith day by day. The factor of blind faith is excessively increasing. People who are hopeless, lost, and facing failure are finding the easiest option to end life. They are failing to come out through struggling phases.
In this time, we need a Socratic method of philosophy to not accept anything forcibly. And to conduct a thorough inquiry before accepting any theory. The willingness to do research is losing in humanity. We are accepting things as it is without looking deeper into its several aspects. The judgment is mostly biased because we aren’t interested in losing relations. Humans are willing to sacrifice truth for the interest of their own. This whole idea of humanity could bring trouble to human life. Life is completely losing hope and scope. The Socratic method provides wisdom for a thorough inspection of our conduct. The skeptic approach could motivate us to accept values which is right. It gives us an opportunity to understand the validity of the situation by our own judgment. To doubt the validity of a situation gives us strength to practically examine it.

Instead of believing in false stories and ruining our life, we must engage in thorough thinking and decision making. This idea of skeptic couldn’t destroy the trust with people. It can recreate the trust by bringing truth in its glance. The conversation method is very useful in today’s time of the pandemic. The physical distancing has stopped the meaningful conversation which people would generally follow. People are depressed because they aren’t getting the right answers to their questions. The methods of conversation via electronic medium could keep away the mental illness. This method could keep the purpose of life secured. This platform could provide approach to better living.

The Socrates method of conversation, Diagnosis, and skepticism is useful in present scenarios. The regular talks with our family, friends, colleagues, relatives could take away the boredom of life. The dialogues are essential in feeling high spirited and excited for the purpose of life. If you feel the importance of Dialogues, then start the practice to ease down the complexity of life.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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