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Individual freedom or Universal freedom?

Freedom is very essential. For this reason, most of us are bothered about the lock down days. People expect to live their life as they used to. They assume that lock-down is an obstacle to their desire to live peacefully and comfortably. This kind of mentality has got only one solution and i.e., reparation.

More than independent being, we are interdependent being. Our life is very much dependent on others. Imagine a day without farmers, doctors, security and government people. It’s hard to survive for even a single day. Without a proper system, we are nothing. The system is giving us freedom as much as we need. And if system appeal us something, then believe me, it’s because of the urgency of situation. And without any suspicion, we must obey respectfully.

Freedom is essential for all. The present situation is not dealing with individual freedom but, universal freedom. The Nation is fighting for the liberation of humanity and not any particular being. Nation is working for the welfare of everyone. And in this, if we’re going to have to compromise our own rights, it’s of fundamental importance.

The simple demand of Nation is to stay home and follow social distancing. This demand will not only safeguard the freedom of Nation but also of every individual. We should stop thinking that our freedom is taken away. And we should start thinking that everything is happening for the freedom and welfare of humanity.

Lokasangraha of B G Tilak gives light to the same concept of the welfare of all. If a decision is taken for the welfare of all other being, then we must follow it keeping aside other important thing meant for us. The universal freedom is more important than our independent freedom. Before you claim that you’re locked down, just consider and agree that it’s not locked down, it’s safely guarded.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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