Prioritize Your Emotional well-being

Staying at home is a safe means of securing social well being. How for the Emotional well being? The insecurity people facing sitting at their own home is not been discussed anywhere. The belief that the things will be fine soon is easy to say but difficult to accept. Somewhere in our mind, we are haunted by the list of unanswered questions- ‘how long all this will go?’ ‘How long do we have to stay at home?’ ‘When the vaccines would be announced?’ ‘When the things be alright?’ ‘When would I go out and see things as I used to see?’

The Emotional well being is often neglected. People pretend to be happy but from inside they may be burning in some tension. Let me tell you the method of catharsis which is the release of stored negative emotions. Try the healing techniques I am mentioning further to keep your inner- self sound and content.

The need of an hour is to talk to your inner self and assure it like a little kid “I am fine and I know you are fine too, the world will be fine soon, trust God, it can’t keep its children in sufferings for long”. This kind of activities will generate a sense of relief and would be helpful for the inner well being.

The next activity you can do is to believe in the supreme and chant its name on regular basis. This would not only calm your inner self but would also generate a positive energy. The chanting of prayers and mantras may be a boring thing for an atheist. But, this activity actually purifies our nerves and cleanses the aura. Listening to the calm and peaceful music is also a way to keep your emotional health sound.

Talking to self is a good activity, but talking to others is the best activity. Talk to your friends. Call and discuss old moments. Laugh and relax in moment. Let go of any negativity clouding your mind. Let go your past sins, feuds and misunderstandings. Believe in bright future, and live your moment right.

Involve in the activities you have been missing in life- do writing, poetry, painting, cooking, gardening and feel how you suddenly getting healed. Healing therapy are many. The main aim of this article is to realize the risk attached to your emotional health and deal with it vibrantly.

If you like my post, kindly share your opinion. The purpose of reading isn’t simply understanding but also reflecting. I am attaching a google form, in case any one feels like writing about their emotional issues. Feel free to share. Stay positive. Stay well.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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