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Dharma- the all time victorious!

Dharma is the secret force behind all the happenings of the universe. The subject philosophy mostly refers to the Dharma, its source, virtues, variations, outputs, flow and its misuse. There’s a lot to talk about Dharma. And I hope we are all acquainted with it. And so I wouldn’t take a lot of time to clarify the Dharma Theory, rather I would propose a few brief points that make it the iconic theory of all time.

As a student of philosophy, we are aware of the four types of purushartha (purusha:human, artha:meaning)- the qualities which gives meaning to human life.

Dharma or duties : the duties or virtues which humans follow for the accomplishment of an action.

Artha or wealth : the possession acquired by humans throughout its life.

Kama or sexual appetite: the innate desire of a person.

Moksha or liberation : one’s final destiny or end of the chapter of soul life cycle.

Throughout our life, we race towards the possession of money or fulfillment of appetite. The duties to be sought are rarely look after. The so called necessity or compulsion makes one active towards one’s duties. But, the self desire is known to be minimal towards the accomplishments of duties. And why there is lack of this self desire? This is because we are not motivated for it. Our mind and heart doesn’t recommend it to us. Our family doesn’t make any pressure for it. Our society rarely appreciate the duty bound person. The success is always measured by the quantity of wealth acquired. The unsuccessful are detested and looked down. The authority of money-loving personality works. The meaningful actions are rarely noticed unless it brings a tremendous change.

Despite all this shortcomings, the Dharma is always victorious. During the situation, when entire Nation is fighting the pandemic corona virus, only duties towards humanities are getting counted. The selfless actions and meaningful contributions of doctors, cleaning staffs, security officers and farmers are reflected to its truest form. We must never forget such duties which is for the welfare of the Nation in danger. In all the purusharthas, Dharma has the voice whose echo could be heard for long.

The Hindu dharma includes the religious obligations, moral rights and duties of each person, as well as actions that allow social order, the right conduct and the virtuous. Dharma is what all existing beings must recognize and value in order to preserve peace and order in the universe.

Dharma Quotes (taken from webpage

  1. Aapadi praanaraksaa hi dharmasya prathamannkura: Bharat Manjari

Saving a life in jeopardy is the origin of morality.

2. Eka eva suhrud dharma: nidhane pyanusyaati ya: MS 8-17 Hitopadesa 1-66

Dharma is the only constant companion who comes along in death.

3. Ghoramapi svam cared dharmam – sup

Though appalling one’s own duty ought to be performed.

4. Jayasyaayatanam dharma: paapam varthma kshayasya ca rm 6-11-371

Dharma is the abode of victory; sin, the path of doom.

5. Yató dharma: tató jaya: Vidura Niti 7-9; Susasita Ratna Bhandaagaara 3-35

Where there is Dharma, there lies Victory.

6. Dharmena hiinaa: pasubih samaanaa: — Hitopadesam 1-25

They are animals who lack dharma.

7. Vedókiló dharma muulam – Manu Smrti 2-6

The entire Vedas form the foundation of Dharma.

No doubt, this is the best time to teach our children about Dharma and the importance of fulfillment of duties. We must follow our duties towards self and others.With the passing of time, all other things lose their meaning, but the Dharma remains evergreen and victorious.

pc: Diksha Hemane @artistic_affair

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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