7 Keys to write better

Writing is not a ONE day job. It requires a lot of thinking. ‘What to write?’, ‘How to write?’, ‘when to write?’ ‘for whom to write?’ and many such questions could trouble a writer. I am composing this article because I think this skills could be helpful to everyone. The thing I am going to discuss isn’t my personal opinion. It’s taken from the literature of Srimad Bhagvad Gita Rahasya by B.G Tilak. So, lets’s begin with this wonderful ideas of writing.

  1. Give priority to Beginning & End
    Any article should contain a synchronized beginning and end. You can’t start somewhere and end up somewhere else. A reader gets a proper idea of your writing when it contains a proper beginning and end. The consistency of an article should always be taken care while writing.
  2. Keep in mind the motive behind writing.
    Many writer write just for the sake of writing. This isn’t a good practice. The motive should be very clear when you are writing something. The motive could make you reach the conclusion in a better way. It could make your article look sound and meaningful.
  3. Introduction should clearly define motives.
    Why do we write introduction? To make a reader aware of the concepts we are going to discuss. While motives make you reach your end, it also helps you to make a great start. Motives remove barrier between your ideas and writing object.
  4. Always add something new to your write ups.
    This is never a good idea to copy something and write again. Translation is a different thing but if you are seriously involved in productive writing, then add some of your original ideas to make your article look intelligent and creative.
  5. Research on previous history of your topic and make comparison or differences.
    You have got some idea and want to put it on paper. Just wait before you start writing. Do some good research on your topic. Point out the comparison, differences or consistency of the previous written article on your new article. This requires a lot of work, but believe me at the end you will feel awesome.
  6. Try to reach conclusion step by step. Don’t just jump to it.
    In order to finish the article soon, one tries to jump into conclusion without properly completing the topic. It’s a good thing to finish something. But remember half knowledge is dangerous. Try to reach at conclusion step by step so that you don’t miss any of the ideas you desired to write.

If you have been reading till here, then let’s understand the fact that this article isn’t a complete guide to effective writing. There could always be more points added to it. And, thus, I leave your thinking mind to the 7th level. First consider how could you compose wonderfully, and you could construct a wonderful piece of article by pursuing all these listed points. Happy writing!

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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