What's in Future?

Humans are suffering of their own act. And this isn’t a latest thing. This is going on from decades. Whatever sufferings we are facing, it’s because of our own errors. The chain of suffering is forever, we can’t do anything about it. But we can think of reducing our sufferings. We can think of avoiding mistakes. And that’s exactly our future brings. We choose our future, we have full responsibility for what comes tomorrow. Let’s obey this responsibility well for the better tomorrow.

Future invites you!

Everyone would like to add charm to their life. They have full lists of goals they want to pursue in future. They are living a life full of passion. They are happy and want to continue the happiness forever. But, one mistake they are committing which could snatch away their passes to future. The one mistake is not listening to their conscience. They are following things which was said to be right for them. Following conscience is looking at the things with our perspective. If I want to pursue painting, that’s my passion, but if my desire is to paint my house, that’s my conscience.

Future brings disease

Yes, future contains lots of disease. Disease are nothing but challenges. It’s challenges to our life as well as others around us. There are many ways to conquer challenges. Of course it depends on situations. But, the best thing to do is to follow the groups. Yes, if you walk alone, you may not succeed or fail or feel tired. If you walk in group followed by leaders, there is a chance of treading the right path. To be more precise, challenges could be epidemic disasters, legal barriers, social restrictions or uninvited misfortune. If you fight all such challenges together, there is a better chance of succeeding.

Future is self-identification

The more you explore future, the more you know depth of self. The more you know self, the more satisfaction you may feel. The more satisfied you are, the more there is a chance of the positive outlook of life. The more positive outlook of life, the better social connection. The better social connection, the better you. So, everything is linked up and in the end it’s you. The world starts with you and ends with you. The self-identity is possible when you continue your future journey. So, never be afraid of what comes next and keep your journey ahead.

Future is change

The philosophy of Heraclitus(Greek philosopher) boasts that everything changes; and nothing is permanent. “you cannot step into the same river twice” This is true for our future too. It never remains the same. It keeps on changing, adapting, processing, transforming and progressing.

When we think of future, it all revolves around us. For the best life, listen to yourself, follow what’s right, perceive the change and reflects ultimately the best.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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