‘No Pain-No Gain’ strategy for Mental Health

We often hear our fitness trainer shouting every time to keep us engaged in our workouts- “If you won’t do now, you won’t achieve anything.” Remember, no Pain no Gain!

This dose of motivation not only trigger us to keep going but also make us to do some extras. It is said that any kind of workout is good for the fitness & relaxation of both our mind and body. Is this really a true statement? I mean how could physical exercise would fully provoke the mental growth? Physical exercise could make your muscle strengthen, flexibility increased, and blood circulation getting perfectly fine. And what about our mental health? What kind of exercise do we need for that? Or just doing physical workout is sufficient for our mind too? This is really a matter of concern.

Aerobic exercises, yoga and others like swimming, walking, cycling, gardening, and dancing have been proved to remove anxiety, mood swings and depression. We would definitely agree with this. But we would also agree with the fact that we don’t always do physical exercise just to avoid disease. There is plenty of other reasons like gaining muscles, losing weight, getting good postures and achieving flexibility. And why don’t we choose to have reasons for mental exercises like getting good memory, amazing ideas, high imaginations, structured thoughts and a good control of mind.

We have got Meditation Techniques which is a wonderful example to keep our mental health safe & balanced. But, we can’t depend on a single form. And for many people meditation seems a tough task. Therefore, we need to explore multiple fragments of mental exercises like solving puzzle, playing chess, healthy contemplation, recalling past memories, socializing, self-talk, deep sleep hypnosis, and many more. Perhaps you could suggest me other types of mental exercises by commenting.

While it’s good to see that ‘no pain no gain’ theory is doing best to achieve physical growth and health. For mental health, we need to do the same by thinking creative, feeling the pain of mental blocks, sudden blanks, memory loss and finally gaining the perfect way to success.

Image source: ultimate-survival-training.com

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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