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Religion Vs Spirituality

People generally mistook the two different concepts of spirituality and religion. They believe there is a very minimal gap between these two concepts. But I will tell you that this two is totally a different island in the same ocean. Only a boat or cruise could lessen the distance but it could not connect them. People preach religions and they believe their spiritual growth is occurring. This is really a dilemma which we should understand and sort out.

Here I am making a difference between the process of spirituality and religious procession. I hope I cleared the dilemma of identifying both as same.

  1. Religion is a way too ritualistic while spirituality is a very simple and significant process of connecting the self to its source.
  2. Religion is a mystic process of God’s realization but spirituality is a transcendental method of self-realization.
  3. Religion mostly talks about God. Every religion has its own special deity to whom they pray for their wish accomplishments. In spirituality, there is no mention of any special name or God.
  4. Religion is related to ethics. It teaches the right method of living and knowing. It has specified guidelines for do’s and dont’s. Spirituality enlightens our vision and makes us conscious of every act.
  5.   Religion is a prescription to us and spirituality is doctor itself.
  6. Through the concepts of religions, we see reality in larger perspectives. We see the practicality of life. Spirituality has often declared this world an illusion.
  7. Religion is very mundane. It is related to our social life. It also makes us socialize, respect, understand and make good relations with other beings. Spirituality takes us away from all the beings and meaningless attachments. It unites us to a transcendent reality.
  8. Religion has failed to erase materialism whereas spirituality hasn’t only awakened us from the clutches of materialism(matter, material possession and physical comforts) but also taken us to transcendentalism(spiritual realm).
  9. Religion has very well defined the metaphysical theories and concepts related to it. But spirituality doesn’t consider ‘God’ or ‘soul’ in its subject matter.
  10. Religion has opinions, views, arguments, perspectives, acceptability  and intolerance. But, spirituality is far away from any such differences and it is totally beyond our perspectives.

In my life, I have dealt with religion more than spirituality. So, it is obvious that spirituality and its concepts are still not clear to me. But my attempts to explore both the concepts with different perspectives is not unique. Many religious saints and leaders would talk about similar points. But, if I have made any mistakes, forgive my in-competencies in the subject and guide me to reasonable and correct points by commenting me in this post. Thanks for Reading! 🙂

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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