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“No More differences”- The Latest step to Reality

The students of philosophy very well value the relevance of perception. They just don’t see but they perceive things. Perception is the meaningful contact of senses and objects around. When we perceive things, the reasoning is automatically created. The process of reasoning is the work of our mind. This reasoning is sometimes dangerous. You may think what’s wrong in reasoning? But I tell you how?

The reasoning leads to judgement. And judgement often creates biases on the basis of knowledge, feelings, bonding, attitude, relations and willingness. Humans are called selfish by nature- they always try to see their benefits in everything around. we know who we choose friends- it’s not just because we really wanted to choose (suppose A as a friend). But because ‘A’ may have certain qualities which I really need in my friends.

This prejudice due to reasoning is making all the differences, variations, dislikes and negative views.  So what could we do? Should we stop making reasonings? A big NO! The reasoning is the work of our brain & mind, we can’t stop it, we could only divert it. We should divert it towards Reality. Once we identify reality through the use of our reasonings, we stop making meaningless differences. The process of identification of reality isn’t easy but the continuous chain of efforts & unbiased processing could bring fruitful results.

The future of Tomorrow is in our hand, and therefore, Let’s embrace everything around and dive in the ocean of love & peace. 

*This idea is taken from one of the guest talks of Swami Narasimhananda, current Editor of Prabuddha Bharata (an English monthly journal devoted to the social sciences and the humanities, started in 1896 by Swami Vivekananda).

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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