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Why too much Philosophizing is dangerous?

We often believe ‘Thinking’ is good in all aspects. No doubt, it is productive if we think every dimension of a particular thing or a problem. When we fabricate an idea or a theory we create a different world which is unique in itself. Philosophizing and constructing a solution to a problem is very similar. But what about too much Philosophizing?

It is said that too much of anything is dangerous. And the same is true for philosophizing. Buddhism has presented the correct reasoning for such propositions.

We all know that the Buddha has declared the truth of suffering and has paved the way to end suffering. Like a physician only removes the arrow of a person who is stuck by an arrow and not engage in the process of theorizing the whole process of curing a person. Similarly, a person should follow the path given by authentic leaders instead of engaging in useless philosophizing. Such teachings draw the common man who is given a simple path to salvation to get free from suffering without much theory.

Buddhists teachings are not for philosophizing and discussion but have a practical appeal. The more we practice the noble eightfold path and the more we practice virtues, we become habitual.

It is commonly said that Action speaks better than words. So it’s better to engage in productive actions rather than missing a wonderful opportunity by just overthinking.

Humans are rational being – they think before they do. But humans are not perfect being. Therefore, it’s alright if errors occur. Engaging in too much philosophizing and believing that errors could be avoided absolutely is a waste.

Entire Philosophy is based on some serious problems. We study and reflect a problem through the art of philosophy. Sometimes by too much of philosophizing, the central problem is ignored and several multiple problems are raised. For example, when there are ongoing discussions about water scarcity and problems are not yet resolved, too much of philosophical arguments may take us to ‘why and how people are fighting for issues?’ and just because of fighting ‘what kind of problems have started to happen again?’ This kind of scenario is observed in political debates and media coverage.

The series of irrelevant arguments could be produced as a side-effect of too much of thinking, analysing and theorizing.  

Apart from factual problems, serious kind of psychological problems could occur in thinkers. They may engage in philosophizing, theorizing whole time and may miss the quality of mindfulness in their activities.

So we see there are some serious problems arising from too much thinking and philosophizing. Couldn’t we resolve these issues by engaging in some productive activities? Analysis and discussions are helpful but ultimately the solutions to a problem should have some positive practical impacts. Philosophizing should give us an immediate solution to a problem by acting as a bridge between problem and solution. Too much Philosophizing may delay the whole process, and therefore, too much philosophizing should be avoided as much as possible.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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