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Compromise with No-Pains

Have you ever felt like compromising your living styles thinking of your future needs? Compromising is a big thing and if you know ‘the art of compromising’ then you are doing absolutely fine in your life. Many a time in our life, we have to compromise with respect to people, situations, time and place. It is very difficult to adjust every-time according to circumstances.

The life of compromise isn’t suited to each one of us. But, we do because we wish to maintain a good record. Quarrelling, fighting and snatching away the things we want to have, is not really the best method to get your desirable things. So, compromise seems to be the best ways. In order to not compromise, we tend to make our own happy path. We like to live in our own house, eat the food we like, and dress up the way we enjoy. We work hard to make our life comfortable in a way we want. Sometimes hardships and passing through all kinds of uncomfortable situations is because we want to make our livings more comfortable.

Generally, it’s human psychology to fight and come out of bad circumstances in the best possible ways. Whenever there was raining; humans created shade, whenever there was a lack of food, farmers cultivated more, whenever there was lack of anything, humans civilizations made an effort to bring a new one. We tend to live life as per our needs. If our needs aren’t fulfilled by applying all the efforts, we try to compromise or adjust to our circumstances.

Compromising has got different concepts; the first one is compromising while making a mutual agreement with one other on some principles. It is the barter system and the business dealings where the basic terms & conditions are followed to keep the process active. There is a little compromise as both the parties are fulfilling their needs by following the principles they could both follow.

The next concept is to compromise in your relationships. In this type, the basic principle is sometimes compromised, or the principles are not followed completely. In this system, only one party compromise on other set principles. In this system, people compromise to obey some relations like friendship, parenthood, or other roles. This is usually followed in order to ‘get along’ with others.

The third kind of compromise is due to fear of losing. This types of compromise are generally seen in the surroundings where one person is powerful than others. In this compromise, principles are not followed honestly. So, there is very less virtue in following the third kind of compromise. The higher authority takes undue advantages of a lower one. And the lower one compromise for not losing the present job or positions.

Compromising or choosing to make ourselves the way our life demands from us is a thing of past. The ‘Survival of fittest’ talks of assimilating the self in pre-established norms & culture. It was said that if we will not prepare ourselves for a position, then someone else will take it away. But why we don’t understand that the culture, norms & principles are human creations? It was according to some needs that such principles and features were created. Therefore, blindly following the evil things isn’t going to take us in the right path.

We have to absolutely keep ourselves fit & fine to deal with all kinds of harsh situations. We have to keep prepared from all the bad unwelcome situations. Compromising is one thing and following up is another. People are more engaged in the following thing than compromising. People will follow all kinds of rubbish rules, lifestyles, challenges and functions. The ‘follow up’ has a negative influence on our overall wellness. Some evil minded-people will keep on ruling us unless we don’t make an effort to stop following. We need to utilise our senses to decide what’s best for us rather than literally following the rubbish thing. We should be compromising with our life needs. But, to fulfil a need if we are choosing to adapt in unfavourable circumstance, then we should rethink our choices.

We should compromise to lessen our needs. But, to fulfil our growing needs if we are following the bad culture, and not raising the voice against wrongs, then our life is in danger. We should realise the danger and sort it out as soon as possible. Our choice of living decides our future, so choices should be nicely selected. It all upon us to understand all kind of compromises we are making in our lives, and eliminate the wrong kind of compromises. Compromising is a virtue, and the virtue is by getting into the right kind of choices rather compromising or living with our wrong choices.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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