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‘One is not born, but rather becomes a woman’

8th March is celebrated as an International Women’s Day annually. We should be proud of all the women who have contributed their beliefs, thinking, ethics and theory in building the Nation for a better future. Today’s Women’s Day theme is ‘Balance for better’ and we all pledge to make our life better by balancing our physical, social, mental, Psychological and spiritual well being.

There is so much inspiration all around; the way to keep actively moving is to keep this dose of inspirations with us as we look forward in our lives. The philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir is an inspiration for every woman. She was a strong feminist, existentialists, and political activists. Feminism is considered as a movement which marks for equality & acceptance of woman in all the field of social, economic, political, science, media, and other fragments of values. Existentialism is a theory which gives preferences to individualization and questions the status of ‘I’. The existence of self is considered as higher than other things in this world. The advancement of science, technology, humanity gears up as we realize the importance of self.

Sartre was the most popular existentialist philosopher. The theory ‘existence precedes essence’ contributed by Sartre explains that one’s existence comes first and then the essences which describe a person’s characters and qualities. Through the medium of existentialism, Sartre has given importance to self and individualization. As soon as we understand and accept the self-hood, we tend to minimize our beliefs in bad faith. Bad faith is the wrong reasons one makes after a failure in life or other negative circumstances. The blame theory takes us no- where. We blame our situations and fate for the prevailing circumstances. We don’t realize that we are only responsible for the circumstances we are dealing with. The person becomes authentic when he neglects the theory of bad faith and turns his inward nature towards an authentic being. Authentic being is created by being responsible for everything a man does. It is taking self- decisions and get actively involved in every situation of one’s life.

Simone de Beauvoir, the so-called lover of Sartre started a movement of feminist existentialism. The feminism peaked as she wrote the book ‘The second sex’. In this, she points out the needless roles pre-assigned to a woman. As a woman, we need to follow a specific pattern, or we should wear specific cloth, talk specific stuff, sit in a specific manner, and become a housewife or support our male companion in work. All these roles are assigned to a girl since she is born, and she has been taught all through her life that she has to do the roles pre-assigned because she is a woman. Due to this, women are shy or don’t make a full effort to contribute to the field of science & other technical fields. This negative linking of a woman to a submissive being is wrong. Man are considered as a superior being and woman are treated as a sub-ordinate of man. Human beings should understand that they are human first and then categorized in male or female on condition of their biological designs. Equality of man and woman in every field matters. Once they understand this factor, they will not be living pre-specified roles but rather choose the things which suit them best. ‘One is not born, but becomes a woman’ is a famous statement of Simone de Beauvoir. Her writing was a revolutionary magnum opus which influenced the status of women and made each of us rethink on our roles towards society. The struggle of a woman to eradicate pre-defined roles and do something of their own should be praised, they should be given the freedom to choose and decide. Once they live their own choices, they would better understand their life and initiate each move with creative minds. Human beings are creative beings. The creativity of either man or woman shouldn’t be stopped but must be valued and appreciated.

Theme of this year “Think equal, build smart, and innovate for change” should be enthusiastically accepted and followed by each woman to lead a happy life. Happy Women’s Day 2019!

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

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