Guardians of Galaxy

What is the most interesting fact about our universe? You may say it is vast, dark, mysterious, hidden, or well ordered. The arrangements & systematic rotation of our whole solar system is a proof of its harmonious order. I will not dwell in science, but I will be taking you in past around thousands of years ago.


In Indian Philosophy, Our Vedas has revealed some deep facts about stars and planets which our scientists of today are researching upon. There are some ‘Rta’ & ‘Rna’ on which our whole universe is based upon. ‘Rta’ is said to be the cosmic order and ‘Rna is said to be our moral duties and obligations. In the Vedas, we mostly hear a lot about God or Goddess. Let’s catch some of them.


You have got, your father, mother, brother, sister, guardians, the whole family. Like the same way our universe has its father as ‘Brahma’ and mother as ‘Prakriti’. Brahama is our creator and Prakriti feeds & nourishes us. God ‘Varuna’ is the custodian or guardian of universal law & order. The universal law could be compared to the one described by Plato in his ‘theory of universe’. Mitra is companion of Varuna. While Mitra looks after day’s work, Varuna manages the night tasks. This was the simple concept of ‘Rta’. We are living harmoniously and completely, all thanks to our ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ God Varuna & Mitra for keeping us safe.

Mother Earth

Now moving to ‘Rna’- to say it simply, it is our moral duties. We have been taught about our duties to society since we are very young. In the same way, Vedas has fixed some duties or ‘debts’ (as described in the Vedas) on us that we must repay.

1.Pitri Rna (debts towards our ancestors)– We should settle in our life, get married and have kids. We must pass on the knowledge and blessings received from our ancestors to the next generation. In short, the flow of life should be continuous.


2. Guru Rna(debts towards our mentors)-We should pass on the subject knowledge we have learnt from our teachers to another pupil. As we always know sharing is caring.

3. Dev Rna(debts to God) – We should pray to God, do Yajnas( spiritual fire ceremony) and make offerings to please and thanks them for their kindness and love.

This is the way Rta and Rna are defined in our Vedas. To know Indian Philosophy better, we must possess the basic knowledge of these concepts. For more such interesting & relevant facts, keep track.

Author: Madhvi

A philosopher, Writer, Traveler, PhD Scholar, Vegan and pet-lover.

2 thoughts on “Guardians of Galaxy”

  1. and what does star lord do? just kidding
    great article. got a lot of new information about our culture.


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