Effects of Cinema on human behavior

Film and Entertainment are important part of today’s culture. It makes sense to reflect upon the vast impact an entertainment piece brings on human behavior. The impacts is social, psychological, ethical, moral, scientific, and personal.

Positive Impacts

Though cinema learning, we develop preparedness, understanding, maturity, new habits, trending styles, and many more. Films influences our language, our beliefs, and other normative aspects. We know ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’, when’, ‘where’ through absorbing different perspectives of film cultures.

Socially, our interaction patterns gets highly influenced. We adopt different greeting styles, we get idea of various gestures, and we gain awareness of the different expressions.

Physically, we crave for fit body, fine curves, stylistic and smart appearance. We desire fitness modules of exercises, dances, cardio, yoga, etc.

Psychologically, our beliefs gets expanded, we are ready to leave orthodoxy, stereotypical beliefs, narrow mindedness and acceptance to diverse cultures gets strong. We develop new insights and our place in society reach to a higher level.

Ethically, we are aware of rights and wrongs, we are ready to take our decisions, the dependencies and the fixed trend starts declining.

In special influences, the vulnerable category of women’s, LGBT, handicapped gets the attention as well as opportunities to stand equally among other groups.

The marketing approach has improved with the advent of film industry. With different forms of marketing techniques taking attention of masses, the competition has increased. This has alerted the producer to focus on quality and pricings of their products.

Personally, we have changed a lot- our attitude, profession, educational choice, and marriage ideology has widely affected by the rising of film industry.

The ethical and moral area of human behavior has developed quite well with the learnings from cinema.

Negative Impacts of Cinema

Apart from positive impacts, it’s important to understand the negative sides of filmy world. Being so overly inspired to film characters and in the process of imitating dialogues, one could lose self-identity. One might also feel suffocated on not being able to achieve the flimsy or illusionary world of cinema. There are many cases where a person has distorted its body by surgery, food habits, and excess exercise to look alike his favorite character. One might even start procrastinating real work on addiction to reel world. One may start day-dreaming and miss the passing opportunities of life. One may surround oneself to cool looking people involved in drinking, drugs, bad habits, and missing the substantial attributes of life. One might get attached to materialistic life and miss the essential spiritual nourishments. At last, one might forget to differentiate between facts and actuality, and develop multiple personality and other dangerous disorders. It’s clear that cinema has both positive and negative side. It’s completely on us how we find balance between rights and wrongs, or the appearance and actuality.

What makes a film popular and how our choices are trapped?

A film is popular because of its visual effects, audience polls, entertainment, TRP, Political pressure, fans following, projection of the social issues, historical-cultural relevance, reality check, use of dialogues, different insights, and focus on styles and genres. Nowadays, film makers take special care of the psychology of audience. They will have full research on audience likings, time to release the show, duration of telecast, intensity of roles, platforms to advertise, way to enhance the interest of movie watchers, and so on. This way they are completely trapping audience choice towards cinema. They are stimulating the audience mind to follow the values and lessons projected through the medium of films. They are ruling upon an individual’s conscience. They are not letting an individual to develop an individual’s course of thinking, but they are entirely imposing beliefs upon them. This is the sad reality of cinema. To overcome this issue, it’s always important to have an options of what kinds of film to watch, how long to watch, and at what circumstances to watch. This might help us to restrict ourselves from undervaluing reality and finding a proper balance in between both the worlds of reel and real.

Degradation of Art in Cinema

In all these webs of positive and negative impacts, we must not forget the history of cinema. The history of cinema has remained informative, projecting social causes, enhancing morality, highlighting important figures, and so on. However, the degradation of art in cinema is a major area of concern. The concepts of sexuality, eroticism, attraction, love, romance, addiction, freedom, individual life are overtly shown which encourages a person to opt for all this by defying the conditions of society. This could be a plus point for individual happiness, but for universal happiness it acts as a barrier to path.

Way out..?

In all these perspectives, we understand that cinema and its studies could do wonder to human life. It is the imparting of maximum values in short duration of time. It is the absorbing of diverse facts and digesting the appropriate one. With this, we must take proper care to make a balance between the life of entertainment and reality, and we must secure ourselves to not mix both.

Ps: All these points were discussed in our Philotreat Weekly group Talk. The idea here belongs to participants who enthusiastically interacted on “Films and its impacts on human behavior.”

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Means or End?

Brief Introduction

Sometimes we consider MEANS to be the most important step in judging the action right. For example- In an exam, if a person scores good grades, then we feel proud. In contrast, if a same person has cheated to get a good grade, we feel opposite.

Sometimes we think END to be the most important step in judging an action right. If a thief has saved a toddler from road accident, we are amazed on his present action and then we don’t count his past action.

What to prefer?

MEANS or END phenomenon is very interesting. Sometimes you support MEANS and some time you feel END is better. It’s completely a choice of your situations, conditions, characters, values, and demands. To study means or end adequately is not possible. For this reason, we may divide its studies into various chunks of theories for its better understandings. 

Means is right, End is wrong

Example – Helping a blind man to cross street only to realise that film shooting is going on.

Means is wrong, End is right

Example- Throwing a stone at neighbour’s window glass to trouble him and ending up in helping to escape fire smoke.  

Right Means and End, still failure

Example- Working hard in a factory to earn money for family. But the factory got raided for illegal operations making you to face overall trouble.

Let’s dive deep into some terms in understanding means or end.

  1. Consequentialism– It is a theory which believe in consequences or results as the ultimate factor in deciding the rights or wrongs of a particular case. Its role is mostly observed in legal subjects to decide on final judgements. For example- a murder in innocence or lack of intentionality will still be considered a murder and the punishment would definitely be conferred. The type of punishment to be given is considered after taking other factors based upon deontology and virtue ethics.  
  2. Deontology– It means good and bad depends on the actions and not on its results. Kant believed that right morality is based on the principles of deontology and it is intrinsic. In case, a person is breaking signals on lonely road, then it will be announced as wrong on the principles of deontology.
  3. Utilitarianism – It considers the welfare of large sections of society. With the utilitarian perspectives, universally applicable law is created. For example- environmental projects, civilization projects, education schemes, farmers schemes, etc.
  4. Idealism– For any action, you have some ideas behind it. It is your values or beliefs or thoughts that brings successful completion of an idea. The intention should be morally appropriate. Here end is pre-determined, and means is uncertain. Example: A person wants to win gold medal in country’s sport would do all hardships to make it possible.
  5. Hedonism– In modern hedonism, nothing is considered as end, but means to end of happiness. Charvaka promoted hedonism or pleasure theory to judge every cause. They believe we receive one life, and we should do anything to maximise pleasure. In hedonist principles, drinking, loud music, late night parties are allowed because it makes a person happy.
  6. Gandhian Means or End -Mahatma Gandhi has promoted moral means to achieve an end. For him, achieving virtue is the main award. We can foresee means and have a control over it. However, we couldn’t control end. So, we should take care of means, end will take care of itself.   

    Let’s understand Means or End through some eye-opening examples (It is just for general opinions. The views may vary from person to person)

In present times, space tourism has turned into a luxury than needs. Rich people are spending millions or trillions to secure their seat in a space shuttle and poor people are left behind to look at skies and make prayer to invisible entities. How much right is the means of luxury to reach the end of finding life beyond Earth?

In an interview we speak white lies. We hide our blots, failures, and moments of misfortunes. We only reveal the goody-goody things. How far the means of harmless lies is valid to secure a good employment position?

Doctors telling lies to its patients for their early recovery. Is it good means or bad?
Mining is important for developmental projects. But for mining, forests are cut down. Could the wrong means of mining could challenge the future projects?
Is scolding or slapping your child to improve their habits or performances is right?
We use animals for human experiments to discover medicines or finding reasons for on-going disease. Is using animals for our ends is valid?
Marketing companies purchases products in low prices and then sell it in very high prices. How far the means to grow income is valid?
Is it valid to make our housekeepers do multiple or excess work just because we are giving them salary?
Are we doing right by distributing our torn or old clothes among poorer? How could we give something to others which has turned useless to us? It is the wrong means to attain right ends?

We buy expensive materials from malls or shopping complexes. And then we complain to poor seller of too much price? How far our approach is correct?

I hope you enjoyed this overall outline on means and ends. Feel free to look into the matter with different perspectives. This article is my personal analysis. Therefore, I apologise for any divergence from conventional viewpoints. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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Weekly Discussion Topic- Films and their Effects on human Behavior

Hey Thinkers! This week’s final topic is very interesting. We all love movies, and during the pandemic, we may have liked watching a variety of genres. This week’s topic would be “Films and their effects on human behaviour.

It makes no difference if you want to discuss varied genres such as humour, sci-fi, horror, or varying impacts such as social, psychological, attitude formation, profession choice, and so on.

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Buxwaha forest issue

Happiness index and its effectiveness

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Happiness index and its efficiency

What is happiness?

Generally, happiness is the perception of human being towards the quality of life. Happiness depends on multiple factors which varies from person to person. The context of this article is to explore happiness and multiple factors benefiting individual as a whole.

Cause of happiness

Physical satisfaction: Adjustment to climate, surroundings, and individual living conditions.

Needs fulfillment (both primary & secondary): Primary as hunger, thirst, shelter, sex. Secondary as education, achievement, profession, business, social support, family background, motivation, etc.  

Goal accomplishment: includes both short term goal and long-term goal.  

Good social connection: friends circle, peer groups, social media activity.  

Supportive family: family cooperation in education, career and life partners.   

Emotional wellbeing: emotionally satisfied and not affected by any mental and psychological disorders.  

Growth of conscience: ability to choose between right and wrong.  

Correlation of happiness with wealth

Happiness doesn’t depend on wealth. People nowadays accumulate a large amount of wealth and still feel empty from inside-out. It is a common belief that desires are met when the money source is accurate. In real world, money can’t buy happiness. It could only help to reach the stage of happiness. The real happiness is the state of mind.

Happiness and meaning of life

Life could be enjoyed only when it is well understood. The life definitions by others couldn’t help to secure a good life. It is only by the self-effort that a true meaning of life is explored. Meaning of life is determined by individual’s mentality, attitude, expressions and values it denotes to other beings. The factor of stable life is achieved when a person is fulfilled in his achievements and maintain a proper balance in between needs and desires.

Happiness and needs

A minimalist with least needs could be happier than a materialist with excess of needs. The idea is very clear- needs doesn’t determine happiness. Needs only keep you well composed and not well disposed. To be inclined well in life, one needs to throw the unnecessary likeliness towards the outer pleasure. In case, the inner pleasure is given value than a person is both happy and satisfied.

Happiness and values

Inner happiness results into morality, morality results into conscience, conscience results into good thoughts, good thoughts result into resourceful action, and action brings fruitful result. We see happiness creates a chain of goodness. The values of truth, morality, justice is always complementary to happiness.

key variables of a happiness index

GDP per capita: The wealth of a country is related to its happiness index.

Social support: it is defined by responsiveness of people to help someone in problems.  

Healthy life expectancy: Average number of happy years a child is expected to live.

Health infrastructure: In a situation of pandemic, the most important worry for people is a proper health infrastructure provided by their country. Health providing resources should be abundant in a country to help its citizens in timely needs.  

Freedom to make life choices: Are you satisfied with the daily choices you make in your life? Freedom to choose make sure that you are responsible for your choices and not dependent on others.

Generosity: It is measured by people’s interest in charity and support.  

Perceptions of corruption: It is determined by depths of corruption rooted in a country.  

Unexplained happiness: other endless causes for happiness like people interest, fashion, lifestyles, music choice, connectivity, welfare.  

Other factors to explain happiness index

Sustainability– It is the factor which gives attention to future needs and manage consumption statistics of present days.

 Risk analysis and management– we need to calculate the future risks and show preparedness. Like disaster management, health insurance, accident insurance, and other safety causes.   

Dignity of labor– Each work is important and each carries equal values. The cleaning staffs, mining workers, construction staffs need to be treated according to labor laws. They are liable for the fair treatments, paid holidays, sick leave, adequate and timely wages.  

Trust & Cooperation– we need to trust our neighbors and cooperate well with the surrounding developmental activities.

Stress management– Stress is the main cause for unhappiness. When one could manage to reduce stress in life, the happiness factors would automatically reach high.

Changing mentality– We need to change our mentality and cultivate the values of acceptance and love.

Generating awareness– one needs to keep pace with the world by being aware on different issues of life.  

Happiness in profession– we should be happy and satisfied in the work we choose for living. It doesn’t matter how much we are earning in a particular work. The thing which really matters is we are enjoying the work processes or not.

Deconstruction of old values– As we step in future, we should drop down some of the values of past so as to accept the newest and healthiest values of future.

Non-judgement in appearance– when we judge others based on appearance, we miss the real values which defines a person.

Spirituality– the cultivation of spirituality within could give effective results to achieve inner happiness.

There are numerous approaches for calculating the happiness index. Drop your own suggestions in the comments area so that we could create a comprehensive lists for the calculative theory of happiness index.

Neuroscience explains marijuana and the brain – Gary L. Wenk

Probably the oldest reference to the cannabis plant, in a Chinese pharmacy book from 2737 B.C., is related to its use as a medicine. … By 1000 B.C., its medicinal use … had spread to India; by 500 B.C., it was familiar to the ancient Greeks. – Prof. Dr. Gary L. Wenk What drug is […]

Neuroscience explains marijuana and the brain – Gary L. Wenk

Buxwaha Forest Issue- A Major Environmental Concern

This article is intended to raise awareness to prevent the cutting down of trees of Buxwaha forest for creating mining grounds. It is believed that the current project of Aditya Birla Groups Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) has planned to destroy over two lakh trees.  The project requires cutting down of 384 hectares in the Buxwaha protected forest located near village Sagoria.

Forest is important  

Forest is life. It is part of each of us. Unlike our ancestors, we are not having a direct relationship with forests, still our survival is wholly dependent on the forest resources. For animals and other mute beings, forest are the primary sources for survival needs. Their future is forest and still they could not afford to help in protecting forests from growing cruelty of humans.

Greed in humans

The most important question for humanity is, “why they are cruel to forest despite all the needs getting met by its vast resources?” The answer is “Greed”. It is well said that there is much resources available for human needs, but not for greed. The greed has destroyed the intelligence of humans. This greed is again bringing a havoc in the forest world, if not timely prevented.

Buxwaha forest – latest target of the human’s greed

This article is intended to raise awareness to prevent the cutting down of trees of Buxwaha forest for creating mining grounds. It is believed that the current project of Aditya Birla Groups Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) has planned to destroy over two lakh trees.  The project requires cutting down of 384 hectares in the Buxwaha protected forest located near village Sagoria. It is 80 km from Chattarpur district HQ and 260 km from Bhopal. This was some excerpts of the factual information we have.

Is diamond our need or greed?

Now the real question is, ‘what are we receiving after so much of cruelty?’ The answer is diamond. It is believed that diamonds turned popular after 19th century when the cutting and polishing techniques improved. Diamonds doesn’t come under essential needs of humans; it is the luxury which humans desires once his all need is met.

“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends”

-Coco Chanel  

When we calculate the use of diamonds, it is no larger than the overall use of forests in our life. The purpose of diamond in our life is very limited. It can be our jewelry, heat absorbing devices, conductors, absorbents of negative energy, and just a partner in various therapies. It could not be compared to the advantages which forest brings to our life.

Forest is precious

Forest provides us food, medicines, raw materials for constructing houses, and natural shields from bad weathers. It also eliminates toxicity in air, absorbs harmful rays of atmosphere, provides shelter to animals and beings which maintains life cycles, and so on. The benefits that forests provide to humans is uncountable. It is our life source. For the reason of green layers in Earth surface, humans can thrive in the temperature of Earth. Otherwise, humanity would not have existed on Earth. Despite all these, we often act foolishly by taking forest for granted.     

Consequences of forest loss

With the importance of forest, we should also be talking about the consequences of loss of forest cover. Global warming, deforestation, and forest degradation are some of the top issues we are observing due to the forest loss. The prior need is to understand our ecology and eco system to prevent forest loss and deforestation.

Capitalism- a Misuse?

The tendency of humans to act for immediate capitalist gains needs to be checked out. Capitalism is a good concept until it is producing employment, reducing poverty, eradicating hunger, bringing development to a Nation. In case, it is taking away the peace, quality of air, natural resources, then it’s doing no good to human era.

Principles of sustainability

The sustainability is the principle which takes care of need of people of present and future. Considering the principle of sustainability, there is a higher need to preserve the nature and its vital resources. We could enjoy our life because our ancestors had preserved natural resources for us. Today, whatever we will preserve, is going to be in use for our future generations.   

Are promises fake?

The Buxwaha project is a developmental project that primarily focuses on diamonds and also promises to fulfil the needs of poverty and well-being of locals there. It could provide employment, create township, attract investors, and is aimed to bring fortunes for the country’s GDP. How long we could depend on such promises is still a question. In case, we blindly rely on the baseless promises, we will lose the very center on which our whole survival is dependent.

Lessons from past

We still haven’t learned from our ongoing fight with corona virus pandemic, which has brought oxygen shortages, and made us aware of the importance of oxygen in our life. Again, we are choosing the wrong path which can bring greater havoc in future. We need to take a lesson from past for a better future tomorrow.  

Methods to save forest

We could save forest if each of us follows an approach. If we unanimously say NO to non-essentials things of life, then businessmen, Government and industrialists would fail to lure us for their so-called valuables like diamonds. They will fail to influence us into buying the products which just occupy the space of our store room and do nothing else. This will lead to the minimum production of products and hence minimum cutting of trees for manufacturing purposes. If we focus on needful consumption, then human needs could be managed and forest could be saved.

Latest formulae to save our forest:
Minimum production= Needful consumption.

Save Forest. Save Life

Describing the objects around  

The notion of “description” or giving fixed identity to everything is harmful. Example- Tiger as Maneater, Diamond to GDP growth, Tribals to poor or uneducated people, etc. When we are giving a negative characteristic to an object, then we are building a quality of aversion towards that object. This may create a feeling in our mind that an object is harmful, and if not avoided, could lead to danger. For the reason of bad description, humans are either killing or capturing tigers, extracting diamonds, and brainwashing tribals to leave forest space.    

Changing mentality and Generating awareness.

Buxwaha forest is livelihood of locals and tribals around. It is our life sources and gems for meeting our life needs. We need to change our mentality towards forest and wildlife. We need to generate an awareness for the protection of forest. For this, we need to take a pledge to do maximum plantation of trees and make our surroundings green. We need to understand the priority of situation. Now I would conclude with the most important dictum for today’s generation-

 “Diamond is luxury, but forest is necessity.”

Make sure to share the information. The more we share, the more people will remain informed of the cruel plans of authority. Thanks for reading!

Existentialism is a humanism- Concepts Explained

Existentialism is a philosophy where man is nothing other than his own projections. Man is the sum of organizations, relations, attitudes, and exposure of his responsibility in life. In life, a man commits himself, and draws his own portrait, outside of which there is nothing.

Jean Paul Sartre:- A great fan of cinema, jazz, the American novel, and German phenomenology. He was a man who developed his own judgments and tastes without caring for cultures and ongoing trends.

Sartre declared his work “Existentialism is a humanism” strictly reserved for philosophers. He was assured that the public would not understand his philosophy which was way ahead of his time. People, according to Sartre, were defined by era, and during his time, existentialism was only beginning to find its place while still facing a lot of problems ahead. At present, the theory of Existentialism is popular among readers and people not only try to understand the existentialist philosophy but also implement it in their lifestyles.

To read more, click here


Bhagavan Das has provided an outline of the fundamental principles, drawn from ancient Indian traditions of Aryan culture and Manu texts, to apply them to modern problems.

Here we have attempted to condense the principles into digestible facts while leaving some of his original words intact.

Though the original words are completely effective in itself. But, the efforts are made just to limit the time of understanding such a great philosophy.

Hope it will be helpful for students learning about Bhagavan Das.

Read more here: Bhagwan Das

Successful Relationship is a product of WE time & ME time

This article is purposefully written for those who are in a kind of sick relationship and don’t know the way out…

Relationship turns bitter when there is a lack of time management between partners. More than 50% breakups and divorce occurs because couples fail to spend quality time together. With no time- there is no understanding, no feelings of love, no motivation to continue, and in a rarest case, no purpose to live. Thus, here we really see the dangerous consequences of lack of time management among partners.

Lack of time management is due to two issues which could fail any relationships-

  1. ME Time= Privacy

Privacy is a precious gift for the development of inner potentials. One needs to keep learning and growing so as to keep up with the competitive times. Most partner interfere so much in others matter that they forget to provide the essential time one might need for overall well-being. This generates a feeling of suffocation that makes others feel like running away somewhere else.

ME time is the most important time for personal understanding and knowing of self. In a committed relationship, an unbearable interference takes away the meaningfulness of life. This results into restricted self -development which leads into a failure to use one’s conscience. The feeling of non-knowing kills the person from within. The feeling of being unable to decide for ‘self’ mentally paralyses the person. This is the reason any kind of relationship works only when a person pays enough attention to underlying passion and self-growth. ME time is the idea of self-healing. And healing is always required for attaining balance in between body, mind, and soul.      

  1. WE Time= staying together

People believe that living together can solve any types of problems in relationships. On contrary, I believe it’s a wrong perception. Despite live-in-together, most couple fails to enter into a long- term relationship. What could be the reason for this failure?

It is because they are not able to deliver proper time to each other. Couples may spend the necessary time together- such as eating, living, house management. In all this, they fail to dedicate the essential time of togetherness. They fail to care, pamper, eliminate addictions (mobile phone, smoking, bad habits, etc.), show interest in others passions, share feelings, and exchange ideas.

We are all aware that just planting a tree is not enough. On a regular basis, we need to give water, fertilizers, protection against storms, remove weeds, do basic cutting, and so on. In a similar way, just entering into a relationship is not enough, one needs to show continuous love, care, proper understanding, and balanced attention.

The combination of WE time and ME time could play the perfect role in sustaining a healthy relationship. I hope this article would provide the couples with an advantage of both being together to share love, time, emotion and being in a private zone to finish work target, fulfill passion, and enjoy personal care sessions.