Three pillars of human life

Human life is precious because of knowledge, beauty, wisdom, conscience, morality, responsibility, care, rationality, curiosity, justice, meaning, acceptance, willingness, feelings, emotions, attitude, fear, love, attraction, and so many things. All this has some origin or source of its production. It arises out of three important pillars which makes human life in existence. These pillars are-…

Meaningful Address practices

The moment you start caring about others, the love is mirrored back in one way or another. Once the belief for a person is positive, the thoughts and actions changes completely. The communication increases and relations turns stronger. The greetings become genuine and social life flourishes.
With the implications of effective measures to live life post corona, meaningful address practices seems reasonable.

Reflecting Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ with Sartre’s insight

our existence makes us to understand the essence we are looking for. The essence is a quality which an individual wants to see in himself. It is not that thing which is pre-existing in man. “You already know about alchemy. It is about penetrating to the soul of the world, and discovering the treasure that has been reserved for you.”

Individual freedom or Universal freedom?

Freedom is very essential. For this reason, most of us are bothered about the lock down days. People expect to live their life as they used to. They assume that lock-down is an obstacle to their desire to live peacefully and comfortably. This kind of mentality has got only one solution and i.e., reparation. More…

Prioritize Your Emotional well-being

Staying at home is a safe means of securing social well being. How for the Emotional well being? The insecurity people facing sitting at their own home is not been discussed anywhere. The belief that the things will be fine soon is easy to say but difficult to accept. Somewhere in our mind, we are…